You Are God’s Masterpiece


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I wonder what my husband thinks as he looks at our three darling little girls surrounding him at the dinner table. On the surface, their differences are mostly marked by age, but we also see their amazing similarities. However, as similar as our daughters look, each girl is unique with individual traits, abilities and talents.

In the entire universe, there is no one else exactly like you. You’re truly one-of-a-kind and are capable of great things. You have been called for a specific and particular purpose and have the ability to fulfill the calling. Generously equipped in both mind and body, you can do miraculous things with your life. For God gave us each gifts, not to hug to ourselves, but to lift up others, making a profound difference. So, let’s utilize our full potential, for we have been given a corner of this earth to enrich and enlighten, making the world a better place.

Therefore, let us start to acknowledge the special gifts that we have been given and be thankful for them. Being true to our own self, and then pouring out that love, kindness and the joy of our life to others. “We have different gifts, according to the grace given us.” Romans 12:6.

What are you doing with your exceptional talents?

What are you going to do with God’s gift to you?

I like the scripture that imparts, “Striving towards what is ahead, I press on to the goal, to win the prize, to which God has called me.”

Conversely, God has given us the free will to choose, to choose whether or not we want to strive towards that goal, to press on and to be the people that He has called us to be. That is the choice we make.

In my art history class in school, I recall learning about Rembrandt and how his masterpieces have sold for millions of dollars. Rembrandt (1606-1669) was a 17th century Dutch painter, draftsman and etcher. He was a genius with tremendous talent, and his paintings are characterized by luxuriant brushwork, rich color and a mastery of light and shadow. But what would make a painting worth so much money? Well, it is a unique painting, there is only one like it in the world and Rembrandt is an original.

Accordingly, you are an original, distinctive and an exceptional work of art. You were created by God Himself and you’re a great treasure. Of much value, and of such importance, no one else since your birth was ever as intricately made as you. And as God’s wonderful creation, your potential is vast and limitless.

But all too often, we let unjust circumstances, past mistakes or criticisms from others injure our self-confidence and steal our dreams. When we encounter negativity or criticism, banish and forget it. We must never listen to those who try to degrade or demean us. Everyone will not understand or accept us, so let’s stay true to who we are, remain optimistic and persevere with the expectation that our heart’s desire will come to pass.

Let us not dwell on thoughts and situations that bring us down, being hard on ourselves. The world’s greatest artists could not paint masterpieces with thoughts of depravity in their mind. So get rid of guilt, regrets and self-imposed shortcomings. Instead, we must be positive toward ourselves. We each have hundreds of good qualities to every one quality that may need a bit of improvement. Thus, no matter what we may struggle with right now, remember that we are God’s very own handiwork and can grow to stupendous heights of achievement.

Today, let us recognize our God-given gifts. Life is what we make it, therefore press forward with joy, self-assurance and purpose.

Back at the dinner table, we tell our girls individually how special and precious they are and how much we love each of them. “You are wonderful,” “I am proud of you,” “Keep trying your best,” “We are blessed to have you,” “You’re talented,” “I’m so happy with you,” “You have a heart for God,” “There is a bright future ahead,” and “You’re a blessing,” we utter to our children.

God our Father is like that. He looks at the best in us.

And He wants you to know you are worthwhile, cherished and loved so very much. Appreciate and be your own magnificent self. There is only one of you. You’re His marvelous creation and His wisdom at work to fulfill His great and glorious grand design.


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