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Sucheta Rawal

When imagining the perfect vacation, you might see yourself on a beach, stretched out on a lounge chair, sipping a frozen margarita. Or maybe you’d prefer to take in some sights, visit a few museums, and dine at five-star restaurants. Then again, you might be more of an explorer who likes to hike the landscape and camp in the woods.

Whatever your style, Sucheta Rawal thinks your vacation should be relaxing, memorable, and rejuvenating. The problem, she says, is that many typical vacations tend to create a kind of tourist “bubble,” insulating travelers from the local culture, authentic foods, and people of the region.

Rawal, founder of, is changing all that. But she’s doing more than raising cultural awareness. The award-winning food and travel writer is getting vacationers to give back to the communities they visit, and she says they’re transformed by these meaningful experiences.

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