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Lorna M. Johnson

Passion, commitment, vision, purpose. These are words we all recognize and admire. But it is the culmination of these words that, when put into daily practice, brings about change — even in those who never believed change was possible.

That is the DNA of Lorna M. Johnson. She lives by example and teaches those she impacts to adopt that same mindset. Her winning attitude carried her through tough times early in life, developing a deep personal understanding of poverty, racism, and culture clashes. This, along with her genuinely selfless spirit and eternal optimism is what sets her apart from many other philanthropists.

But even the word “philanthropist” seems sorely inadequate when describing Lorna Johnson. “Force of nature” might be a more apt moniker once you add international servant leader, diplomat, clinical professor, investor, inner-city healthcare facilities owner, midwife, and former track and field star.

Ultimately, Johnson is a tireless global humanitarian with a long record of transforming lives across multiple continents and advancing communities through financial inclusion, healthcare services, and economic development. Through her network of care, Johnson has touched thousands of lives in East and West Africa, the Caribbean, and inner-city Los Angeles.

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