Words of Wisdom from Extraordinary Leaders


Words of Wisdom from Extraordinary Leaders and Entrepreneurs

I’m sure we’ve all experienced what most of us like to call an “aha moment” or two in our lifetimes. Oftentimes, we experience those moments when listening to others speak about their own experiences.

Can we benefit from the wisdom of others? Of course.

Sometimes it only takes a few words to help us realize we need to take a different direction in our lives or that there is a better way of doing things. It is often said that wisdom comes from experience, especially those experiences that teach us when to change our path or direction.

We often hear people talk about their perspectives on life, or how they overcame a challenge or an adversity and we think, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that approach?” or we may say “Maybe that’s an approach I should consider” or even, “Maybe I need to change my perspective about an issue I’m experiencing.”

We want to share some words of wisdom with you, as well as some priceless perspectives from those who have learned from extraordinary challenges they’ve encountered and overcame. There are even some lessons from those people who have discovered a better approach to life and business.

We want you to think about beginning the New Year with a new attitude and a new direction. We hope you become inspired to envision and experience new ways of doing things, and if you’re on the right path, we want to encourage you to continue down that path with a renewed vision.

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Monica Davis

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Monica Davis has been in the business of influencing people to change their lives and helping them to develop their professional and business objectives for over 20 years. Monica Davis is a bestselling business author, speaker, trainer, media coach, award-winning television host and producer, and the publisher of Exceptional People Magazine.

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