We’ve Discovered Our True Calling


Wilma and Teaira Little

Heaven’s Gate Catering – it’s more than just a great name. Wilma Little believes it was her true calling to become a caterer. Today, Wilma and her daughter Teaira (also known as Chef Tea) who teamed with her in the business are tantalizing the taste buds of thousands of customers in her home town of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and around the country. Chef Tea has her own company that specializes in creating amazing deserts for all occasions.

Starting Heaven’s Gate Catering was a long and arduous process but Wilma was prepared in many ways for the challenges and the process that lie ahead. Her father who was also an entrepreneur taught her priceless lessons about the importance of being independent, earning money and serving others. As the owner of previous businesses, Wilma understands that running her catering company requires focus, patience, commitment and a love for people.

As a three-time cancer survivor, Wilma also understands the power of faith and how it can change everything in your life – how it can turn what often may seem like your darkest moments into bright and magnificent opportunities. She continues to use her faith as a compass for building the business.

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