Why Radical Inclusion Is Probably Good For You


Yvette Dubel

It’s not every day that an empowerment innovator like Yvette Dubel shares her personal secrets with you. When she goes even further to reveal the origins of her proven strategies for success, you’ve hit the jackpot.

So it was like winning the lottery when Dubel spoke with us recently about her life, her passions, and why anyone (and any company) wanting to stay on top needs her unique skills, methods, and vision.

Granted, Dubel’s life journey explains why she’s so happy to open up to inquirers. She was surrounded as a child by racism, abuse, and injustice. She decided early on never to let those evils — or any others — limit or define her. Take the name of her company, for example, WebAntiphon Group. It’s named after the alternating responses or chants often heard in Christian church liturgy. But while Dubel’s origins are in Christianity, she read the Buddhist basic Siddhartha as a teen and has been meditating ever since.

Dubel was identified as gifted when she was a kindergartener. Of course, the powers that be in her small southern town weren’t about to let a poor African American girl into the gifted classes. No matter. Little Dubel was never one concerned with touting her academic accolades. Besides, she got advanced one-on-one tutoring in the back of the class.

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