What to Do When You “Have It All” and Still Aren’t Satisfied


For a few, life has improved amongst the terrorist threats and subsequent roller coaster of an economy. Some have bought second or even third homes, while others have elected for collection quality, top of the line automobiles. Others still have traveled the world, experiencing realism at a level the vast majority will never know. Why yes, luxury today is known well in certain circles and is in fact lavished with immoderations.

The question begging to be asked is, “What now?” How many yachts can one water-ski behind? Do you really want to go to the moon? When it is all said and done and you cannot find satisfaction with all the material things at your disposal:

Give of Yourself

People of affluence unaccustomed to a life dedicated to the service of those less fortunate will always have a void to fill. It is the scarcity mentality that says, “I must get all the money I can before I die.” It is the abundance mentality that counters, “I must pass on my knowledge and experience to give others an opportunity to obtain things far greater than my own accomplishments.”

Behave Consistent with How You Want Others to Remember You

Those who want to be remembered as having made a difference need to lead lives full of actions powerful enough to not only be cherished in their life, but also after they have passed on. Traditionally, these are service oriented acts. Become a mentor to today’s youth. Help as many others achieve their goals as you can.

Write Your Memoirs

When you have it all, tell it all. The story of your life should be recorded. This way, you only have to say it once and you will maximize the affect your experiences can have on all the people that read your book. Book writing is always a great project for those needing a new experience in their lives, especially for those willing to undertake its arduous course.

Challenge Yourself

More like, refine yourself. Take up Jiu-Jitsu. Learn yoga. Do something you have never done before. Study a new language. Study two. Fly a helicopter. Feed thousands of starving people.

Make a List of Long-Term Goals and Complete One Each Year

Aim for the horizon on this one. If you have ever thought of owning a sailing team, here is where that desire is to be recorded. It is far more difficult to achieve your innermost desires without writing them down. The human brain understands that you are serious when you take the time to write your goals down and review them on a daily basis. Let it all hang out.

Studies have shown that 90% of this great nation’s wealth is controlled by 10% of its population. Many find that statistic shocking, while others have come to accept its validity. Some of this 10% are wholly fulfilled by their life’s experiences, but there are those who yearn for a bit more. The upper crust possess within it a class of its own, a faction unsatisfied by the trappings their money affords them. Rather, they go through with their day-to-day affairs and wonder if they could get even more out of life. The answer is a resounding yes!


About William R. Patterson

William R. Patterson is CEO of The Baron Solution Group, a Top 100 MBE. He is a four-time award-winning lecturer and international best-selling author. He has shared the stage with billionaires, presidents, and Fortune 100 CEOs. William is an internationally renowned business and wealth coach who has created over 150 products and has been a featured guest on over 500 television and radio programs. He delivers solutions to millions worldwide — from individual investors and small business owners to corporate boards and CEOs. William’s breakthrough book, "The Baron Son" has been translated around the world and featured in the Forbes Book Club. He is winner of over twelve Web awards for excellence including: Best Wealth-Building Site; Best Business Advice & Development Site; Best Author; and Best Speaker and Lecturer. For more information visit, BaronSeries.com | Google

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