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Werner Berger

Werner Berger’s desire to live life to the fullest is evident in his accomplishments as a champion mountain climber.

Werner is the oldest North American to reach the top of Mt. Everest and the fourth oldest person in the world to have accomplished this daring feat. But reaching the top of Mt. Everest for the first time was just the beginning. He has also become the oldest North American to have climbed to the top of all ‘Seven Summits’….the highest point on the seven continents.

His secret to achieving such amazing feats is based on his beliefs that you must enjoy a balanced life, maintain good health, become a visionary and dream large.

Before you can achieve success at anything in life, you must first envision yourself doing something and see yourself completing it.

As a corporate consultant and the Founder and President of Strategic Results International, Werner applies that same thinking, and methodology to his personal endeavors as a mountain climber. He also uses these techniques to help his clients achieve unlimited results. He has helped corporate leaders and their teams to experience opportunities of unprecedented fulfillment and success by inspiring them to reach well beyond their current potential.

Werner says, “What keeps me going is the challenge, and maybe more importantly, the sense of being when I’m in that kind of environment, standing on top of the mountain. I always wanted to be an Olympic athlete and didn’t achieve that because my chosen sport was pole-vaulting, so there was a latent desire to do something and really push myself.”

He is a strong advocate for good health and nutrition and encourages others to take more personal responsibility for their health. “In the long-term it’s the only thing of real value that you have. Once you’ve got your health you can have relationships that work, you can have the ability to produce income, if that’s one of your quests, or you can travel the world if you’re looking for unique experiences,” says Werner.

Werner is married to Heshie Segal, a widely-recognized network marketing and relationship building expert. When it comes to changing lives in the personal and professional arenas, Werner and his wife Heshie Segal are a knockout team that has been unstoppable in their quest for excellence and inspiring others to achieve excellence.

“I want to leave a legacy. The legacy would be just being a model that age doesn’t have the limitations that our western society has put on it partly because of our inappropriate focus on what it means and what it takes to be healthy,” explains Werner.

Werner graciously shared many of his successful life principles and how he applies them to his personal endeavors, as well as his corporate clients, with the founder of Exceptional People Magazine.

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