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Veronica Conway

There is no substitute for life experiences because from life experiences we often find our true purpose. Veronica Conway’s true purpose has been to help others maximize human performance.

It is from her childhood experiences that Conway has developed a revolutionary way of thinking and leading people to action. She was born the child of a Black Panther and as a young child, she suffered many repercussions because of it. She witnessed many occasions of violence and police shootouts, as well as death threats against her life. Those unforgettable experiences had a lasting impact on her.

“My life as a young child was emotionally very frightening and very fearful, but I have freed myself from the emotional residue of that experience. I had to make a choice, either go crazy or go sane. I chose to go sane,” explains Conway.

It was those devastating life experiences that motivated Conway at an early age to begin investigating the actions and thinking of others, as well as her own identity. Who was she and what did it mean to be the daughter of a Panther?

She not only found answers and solutions that changed her life, but in the process she discovered her life’s calling. She has developed awe-inspiring world class programs to help people from all backgrounds discover their true meaning and overcome limiting beliefs, so that they can achieve greatness.

Since finding her life’s purpose, Conway has become a mastermind at reprogramming the minds of individuals in all professions and at all levels, thus leading them to experience unprecedented success.

Some of her clients include Dell, the NBA and Kellogg Foundation, the Annie E. Chase Foundation, the United Way and dozens of others. With over 3,000 hours of personal, business and financial coaching experience, Conway is an unstoppable force when it comes to personal and professional development.

Conway is the founder of three coaching companies, including the Black Professional Coaches Alliance, the only coaching organization dedicated to the enrichment and transformation of African Americans.

The founder of Exceptional People Magazine was thrilled to speak with Conway about her life experiences and how she is helping others achieve lasting, positive change in their lives.

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