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Jacqueline N. Rioux and Jo-Ann Parylak

If you don’t think some meetings happen for a reason, think again, because when these two women met, they had no idea they would spend the next 38-plus years working together in harmony. Jacqueline was a head teacher in the pre-school at the Newington Children’s Hospital when Jo-Ann started as a student teacher. They became instant friends, and when student teaching ended, they offered Jo-Ann a job to work at the pre-school.

Jo-Ann and Jacqueline worked together at the pre-school for 13 years before opening their own daycare, which they’ve been running for over 25 years now. Although not parents themselves, they know the intricate ins and outs of daycare, so they decided to write the book, Dear Daycare Parent: The Must-Have Guide to Daycare for Working Parents, to help parents and children transition to daycare easier.

They based the book on the notes they would send to new parents to help them manage the day to day details of having a child in daycare. Over time, Jacqueline started gathering all those tips together on index cards to quickly send them out to parents as needed. One day she said, “Jo, how about if we put all these tips we’ve been giving parents over the last 13 years into a book?”

Those notes became the backbone for the Dear Daycare Parent book. In it, they discuss everything parents need to know about daycare. They also tackle the tough topics, like allergies and misplaced items, as well as what to do when a parent suspects their child or another child is being neglected or mistreated.

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