Two Social Media Time-Savers for Business Owners


So many consider social media to be a time-waster. You play games on Facebook when you hope your supervisor isn’t paying attention. You pull up YouTube when you want something funny to go with your coffee break. Twitter is the place for sports commentary, gossip about TV shows, and trivia about everyone’s personal life.

Use them right, and these “black holes” of wasted time might actually make you more efficient!

You can make the most of social media to improve your life, get your work done faster, improve your business, and free up time for more important things.

A couple ways social media can save you valuable time and make you more efficient:

  1. Locating Resources: Say you need an awesome web designer. You might decide to forget O-Desk or Freelancer, and go to your Twitter page. Need recommendations for vendors or freelancers? Put the question to the hundreds of good people in your social media network.

    Consider these methods of locating trustworthy freelancers using three of the prevailing social media sites:

    • LinkedIn. The “recommendations” feature is among the most helpful aspects of LinkedIn. You can write, read, and request recommendations from those within your network. With a little research, this component can help you locate an awesome copywriter and make it easy to read reviews about them. Consider it a Yelp for people.
    • Take advantage of Twitter. You won’t get the scope of data you might find on LinkedIn, but you may get immediate information. Give it a try: tweet “In search of a blog writer,” use the appropriate hashtags, and in moments you should have a number of responses. Pay more attention to responses from friends or people you know, however, as your request may also attract spammers. It might appear to be from an acquaintance, but in truth, it’s just an advertisement.
    • Make use of Facebook. Look for people by searching for keywords in profiles, or just post on your status that you are looking for referrals, as you would on Twitter. Be careful, because someone may call himself a graphic designer, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that he is properly qualified. It is also possible to post your request in groups that have something to do with the issue (for instance, put up a request for a logo designer on the Facebook group wall for graphic artists).
  2. Finding an “Expert:” Did you ever imagine you might have a conversation with Tony Robbins, Jon Stewart, or Miley Cyrus? Well, you are able to through social media. Making personal connections with celebrities and experts is simplified when you make use of tools such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Networks such as Twitter and Facebook allow people to associate with public figures on an equal level. Follow their blog. Check out what they are writing about. Add your comments to their Facebook posts, link to their blogs, and retweet their tweets. Communicate that you exist, you are not the average fan, and that you share their interest in (name their favorite topics or interests).

    • Increase value. Provide blog comments that offer insight and delve deeper into the topic. Develop your own blog post in which you provide a link back to their blog. Formulate a video response. Share what happened when you tried their systems or techniques.
    • Pose a question. Provide them with something to make a response to! Pose a question that lets them know you have an intelligent grasp of their interests, and that you have paid attention to the information they’ve posted. Walk the line between too personal but too ordinary. Use a question you haven’t seen the answer to somewhere else, yet make sure that might interest other followers as well.

For an entrepreneur, time is your dearest commodity. It is one resource that is irreplaceable. A lot of people consider social media a black hole that sucks away precious time. However, business folks leading the edge make their social networks productive for them in a number of business ways.


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