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Dame Munni Irone

When Dame Munni Irone walks into a room, the first thing you notice is her warm, welcoming smile. There’s a unique glow that seems to shine directly from her heart. It’s almost otherworldly. You can’t help but wonder: What motivates this woman?

But all becomes clear the instant she speaks: Dame Munni Irone is a one-woman peace movement. The humanitarian, speaker, author, coach, trainer, and philanthropist is on a mission to help people live extraordinary lives and bring about positive social change.

That’s not to say that she works alone. To the contrary, she travels the world to find kindred souls, be they heads of state, artists, or the poverty-stricken. She’s amassed a strong following as evidenced by her 2016 Art4Peace Awards, held at the historic landmark Saban Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California. She is now establishing Art4Peace Awards associations on every continent to spread the ideas of nonviolence, wisdom, love, and peace.

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Monica Davis

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