Transforming the Office Supply Industry


Tony Ellison

You might say that he has changed the way business owners shop for office supplies and many other products.

You may recall the early years when the Internet first began to show some signs of longevity. Who would have thought that it would become the gold mine that it is today. In 1994 Tony Ellison realized how beneficial the Internet would be for retailers.

As the founder and CEO of, Ellison’s vision to change the way business owners and corporate America shop for business products has revolutionized the office products industry.

While working as a senior executive for Goldman Sach’s Private Client Services Division, Ellison’s foresight into the internet’s capability led him to start his company which today offers stiff competition for brick-and-mortar retailers.

One might say that it takes courage to go against the “big boys” in the brick-and-mortar arena like OfficeMax, Staples, and Office Depot. As an e-tailer, has become an extraordinary success every quarter, since Ellison guided the company to profitability in 1997.

Ellison’s tremendous success didn’t come from “doing business as usual” – he defied the status quo. He took an innovative approach to the customer’s shopping experience by developing a proprietary e-procurement software and platform, boosting selection and distribution, including a wide array of environmentally-friendly products. The website has also been optimized to serve mobile customers who now have the ability to place orders without having to use a computer. It is these types of unique approaches that have enabled him to rise above the competition year after year, recently making 142nd on a list of Top 500 Online Retailers.

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