Tips for Working at Home That Really Work


Working from home has certain benefits but also comes with unique obstacles to success that are different from an office setting.

Will you actually be able to work at home and reach the career objectives you’ve set? You’re the only one who can answer!

The following questions will lead you toward effectively working at home:

1. Where in your home will you create a work space? You don’t need an entire room, but a desk and a few dedicated drawers will be required.

  • You’ll also want a little storage cabinet to keep work supplies and documents in.
  • Think about the areas in your house that aren’t frequently used. Perhaps you could adapt a guestroom or a den so it can serve as your place of work.

2. Do you have a good work ethic and a set of personal ethics? If you can assign a time that you will consistently start work each day and you can stick to this schedule you will be that much closer to successfully working at home.

  • Nobody’s looking over your shoulder when you’re doing work from home.
  • Nobody is across the hall who will answer your questions or consult with you.
  • But it’s possible if you have motivation and are responsible.

3. Are there other people in the house while you’ll be working who might distract you? One key to success is discussing working out of your home with your loved ones. Ask for their commitment to give you support as you pursue these endeavors without interruption.

4. Will you be able to tune out things that distract you? Your success at working from home could be sabotaged by noisy traffic, kids playing outside, or ringing phones. You’ll succeed more easily if you’re able to shut the door and not pay attention to these things.

5. Will you be able to concentrate on the job while you work from home? Modern technology provides numerous distractions that make it difficult to focus on work.

  • You’ll be wasting time if you keep checking emails, going on social networking sites or texting during the work day. For improved focus and productivity, don’t do these things during the work day, except for work related emails.

6. Think about creating a formal schedule. While the type of work you do might influence your decision, it is often a good idea to have a schedule in which you assign a certain amount of time to each job.

7. If you have to sit a lot while working, make sure to schedule exercise in every day. To succeed your mind and body should be healthy, too. You should make sure to get some daily physical exercise.

  • During a half hour break before lunch, for instance, you could walk or do some exercises or workout to a DVD.
  • If you like to get up early, think about exercising early in the morning. You’ll start your day working at home enthusiastically and prepared to concentrate on your task.

Lots of folks like you around the world succeed at working from home. If you plan carefully, take personal responsibility, and can tune out distractions, you will find that there’s a lot of freedom and fulfillment to be had when you work at home.


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