Three Degrees of Success


Jeff Stoller

Jeff Stoller is a serial entrepreneur with the innate desire to help others succeed. His book, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur is not just about having a dream or a vision, but creating a solid plan to make it happen. In his book, Jeff encourages others to make their visions a reality by asking exactly how to get from point A to point B.

A successful accountant, attorney, businessman and consultant, Jeff got his entrepreneurial spark working in his family’s business constructing bakeries across the U.S., some of which provided baked goods for McDonald’s. A lifelong learner, Jeff remains the only student to graduate from the University of Southern California with three simultaneous degrees: a Juris Doctor (JD), for practicing law, a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and a Master’s in Business Taxation (MBT).

He has served as the President of Stoller & Associates, creating business plans from startups to major corporations, like Price Waterhouse Coopers, FY&G Foods, Deloitte Touche and, among others.

Jeff ran Stoller Publications developing promotional products for Playboy, The Rolling Stones and Warner Brothers. Jeff’s current project centers around an app to help couples and families improve their relationships. He plans to launch the app, IntiMates, an interesting, interactive personality discovery game, in the near future, to help people learn not only about themselves, but also about their families, as well as their partners and friends, in a non-defensive and positive way.

A natural-born teacher, Jeff has worked as an adjunct professor of Finance and Business Economics at the University of Southern California. While serving there, he became one of the top 20 professors at the School of Business. Jeff says one of his greatest pleasures while being a teacher was helping students reach their business goals.

Jeff speaks at universities and on business panels, appears at many trade shows and conferences, and has served as a contributing author to many publications.

His philosophy for success is to focus on how well you serve others and help them grow, because every problem you solve can help you and your business grow, too. Focus on the other person’s experience, and if they have a good experience with you, it will come back to you. He says, “If you can help others and do a good job, you’re going to be successful, too.”

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