The Hands-On, Action-Fueled Difference of Women’s Leadership Live


Debbie Saviano and Stacey Schieffelin

So you’ve got an idea for an incredible product… but no idea where to start. Or maybe you know where to start, but you can’t seem to find the time, the funding, or the confidence.

Meet Debbie Saviano and Stacey Schieffelin. Together with their friend Linda McMahon, these women are probably going to change your life.

The co-founders of Women’s Leadership LIVE (WLL) created their own individual successes long before they met. If you watch QVC or Home Shopping Network, you already know Stacey Schieffelin. A professional model for twenty years, Schieffelin parlayed her knowledge of makeup, hair, and fashion, along with her extraordinary approachability, into hugely successful businesses. Her company ybf (your best friend) beauty is the #1 global cosmetic line in direct sales on six networks in eleven countries — with well over $300 million in cosmetic and apparel sales.

Debbie Saviano is a sought-after social media strategist, online influence expert, and public speaker who changed careers after 26 highly successful years in academia. Having started out as a school bus driver in Plano, Texas, Saviano then became a teacher, then a principal, eventually directing five different school campuses from pre-k to high school.

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