The Fearless Pursuit of Dreams


AdelHeid Waumboldt – The Fearless Pursuit of Dreams

When little Heidi Wamboldt used to go grocery shopping with her mother, she would beg for bags of candy. Not an unusual request for your average American elementary student.

But Heidi wasn’t your average American elementary student. She wasn’t at all interested in eating the candy herself. Instead, she took those bags and sold the candy for a dollar a piece to other students riding the school bus. She had a booming little business going. That is, until the school administrators found out and demanded that she stop.

Needless to say, that temporary halt to her entrepreneurial career didn’t stop her. Adelheid Waumboldt has built her meteoric rise into the world of the super-wealthy around fearlessness – topped with a generous dollop of limitlessness. In fact, The ISET Agency, her booming business development and talent management firm, promises its clients solutions for every funded problem they might have and a strategic path to success for every unfunded problem they might have.

That’s a big promise. It means that Waumboldt and her team might be meeting with foreign government officials one day, entertainment moguls and oil barons the next. Waumboldt is not only up to the task, she’s got the track record to prove it. She’s also got the confidence. ISET, the word she chose for her business, means “She of the throne” in ancient Egyptian.

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