The Door to Happiness is Always Open


Catherine Galasso-Vigorito –

“I can’t be happy,” you may say. “I have experienced too many disappointments in my life.”

“I have been pushed down countless times,” you declare. “So, I cannot be happy now.”

“I’ll never live a joy-filled life,” you might utter, “because I have disadvantages.”

Well, I say: stop talking yourself out of happiness!

Don’t miss out on the blessings, joys and opportunities that are before you. No matter how many obstacles seem to be in your path, regardless of how young or how old you are, or despite some limitations, look forward and see the wonderful possibilities that are in your future.

Jennifer was born with SED which is a genetic mutation that led to abnormal collagen formation. Thus, this rare bone growth disorder caused dwarfism. Because of Jen’s condition, she has endured more than 30 complicated surgeries.

We can all find excuses not to be happy. Some people are stopped by fear. Others are halted by thoughts of deprivation. Yet, Jen never let challenges or lack of height to allow her to sit back, depressed, letting her precious life pass her by.

Instead, she believes that her dreams are all attainable. Jen’s motto is to “Think big to overcome obstacles!” She chooses to be filled with joy, spunk and enthusiasm. Adorning a beautiful smile across her face, Jen is kind to others, self-assured and determined to live productively.

Interestingly enough, I read that if she comes across a difficulty, such as: what to wear, how to drive a car or what to do when she goes out to eat in a restaurant, Jen doesn’t dwell on the stumbling blocks. She modifies her surroundings; shops in children’s clothing stores, uses a pedal extender to drive, and she props herself up on pillows in restaurants to enjoy her meal.

Over the years, Jen decided to fulfill her aspiration and go to college. She refused to listen to the word “no,” and set her sights on giving back to the world. Then, after graduation, Jen attended medical school specializing in caring for the smallest babies in the neo-natal unit. An inspiration to all, Jen sees no barriers!

Today, at 3 feet 2 inches tall, Dr. Jennifer Arnold in her custom-made white coat is a highly trained pediatrician, a neonatal specialist and an assistant professor of pediatrics. In addition, she recently got married. The couple is building a new home and they’re planning to start a family.

Moreover, Jen and her new husband Bill, have their own hit television show on The Learning Channel. And I believe that this is only the beginning of the blessings that God has in store for this remarkable woman!

Like Jennifer, God has a great plan for you, too, for He has put you here on earth to be happy and succeed.

So ask yourself, “What makes me come alive?” “What dreams are in my heart?”

For happiness can be found in moving toward productive, meaningful, goal-oriented activities. The world needs people like you. And so, strive in the direction of excellence. Utilize your potential and unique talents, and the glow of happiness will be on your face.

Look beyond imperfections and be thankful for all the good in your life. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Go for a walk in the sunlight, pet a sweet cat or dog, and create a peaceful, loving home environment. Find a hobby that you really enjoy. Make good choices for your health. And surround yourself with smiling, positive people, for happiness is contagious.

Forget petty grievances. Put down the weights of the past. A few summers ago, my husband and I decided to construct a patio in our backyard. We went to a home improvement store, selected the brick, and had it delivered. Yet, before we began building the structure, first, one by one, we had to lift the bricks, place them in a wheelbarrow and wheel it to the side of the house, where we planned the patio. Well, I couldn’t wait to get those heavy bricks out of that wheelbarrow! The weight was almost unbearable. In the same way, we must stop living under the weights of guilt, disappointments or negative feelings. Lighten that load. And do as one reader suggests, “Let go and let God.”

Be contented, happy in the here and now. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be happy. We all have encountered challenges. But for having gone through those difficulties, we have had the opportunity to become better, more compassionate people; more equipped to help others. There is a wonderful saying, “The greatest exercise for the human heart is to reach down and lift another up.”

Reach out and make a difference by sharing your gifts. Treat people with respect. And if you can, help someone; give them a chance. May it be with your time, wisdom or putting in a good word for them. That recommendation or word of encouragement can be the boost they need, bringing them happiness and reaching their full God-given potential.

For I believe this is the true joy of life.

Remember, the door to happiness is always open and your name is on the door….saying, “Walk through.”


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