The Best Ways to Remain Relevant to Subscribers


Internet marketers are well aware that relevancy to subscribers is one of the most valuable (or perhaps the most valuable) aspects of marketing. Our existing subscribers are our current and former customers, as well as people who have signed up because they are interested in our product or service.

Once they’ve subscribed to your list or made a purchase, you have their attention. It’s key that you hold that attention by telling them what they can expect and keeping your word. If the purpose of your newsletter is not to market products, then don’t do it. If your newsletter is targeted at a particular group, then only market products that they would be interested in. Deliver what you said you would. To make certain that your subscribers don’t miss anything and don’t get lost in your email, tell them plainly what you will do by putting it both in paragraph text and in a bullet list.

Help your subscribers understand the process — Strange as it may seem, you may have subscribers who don’t have a good understanding of the Internet and have some confusion about how an email list works. Because of this, make certain to explain specifically what they have signed up for and how they can be certain they don’t miss any of your emails by white-listing your email address.

Don’t just spam them — First, try out and test every product you are going to suggest to your subscribers. You can’t know for certain if the product is reliable if you haven’t tried it yourself or if you don’t know the manufacturer in person. You can protect yourself legally from accusations of spam with an opt-in or by limiting your email to your known customers. However, bear in mind that most subscribers will consider anything outside of their specific interest as spam.

Be consistent — If you are inconsistent, with irregular emails, the people on your list will lose interest in you, leading to the deletion of your unpredictable emails. Stick to a regular schedule so they don’t forget you. Some gurus say email weekly and others once a month, but whatever interval you choose, stick to it.

Write creative headlines — Your subscriber might be anticipating your email, but with the huge numbers of emails arriving in people’s inboxes every day, yours can be overlooked. Think about it and strive to come up with a headline that will entice people to read further.

— Seeing their name catches people’s attention and helps them feel important, so personalize your e-newsletters with your subscribers’ names. If you include their name in the subject of the email, they will be even more pleased. It will help build a relationship and give them confidence in you.

Segment — If you do nothing else in segmenting, at least divide your subscribers into previous customers and potential customers. This is critical, as you do not want to pitch the same product to a customer who has bought it before. Even better, if you can split your prospects farther down your product funnel, then you can market more precisely to the appropriate targets.


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