What Others Are Saying About Exceptional People Magazine

What Leading Industry Experts Say About Exceptional People Magazine

Business Coach

Exceptional People Magazine is an amazing resource that shares new, simple and highly effective strategies for achieving greater success, wealth and personal influence.”
William R. Patterson
CEO, The Baron Solution Group
Award-Winning Speaker, International Best-Selling Author www.baronseries.com

“You are adding tremendous value to people’s lives.”
George C. Fraser
CEO, FraserNet, Inc.
Author and Foremost Authority on Networking and
Business Relationships

Exceptional People Magazine is on the fast track to change the world for the better. This magazine should be mandatory reading for all.”
Chrissy Carew
Master Certified Coach and Founder, Insightful Player, LLC

“If you’re looking to stay motivated, you’re not going to find a better magazine than Exceptional People Magazine.”
Dr. Clint Pearman
Author, Speaker and Mental Toughness Expert
Founder, North American Center for
Optimum Performance Enabling Neuroscience (NACOPEN)

Exceptional People Magazine is full of great nuggets. I even take notes with pen and pad! I love Exceptional People Magazine!”
Dr. Deana Murphy
America’s 1st Interior LifeDesign Doctor

“I began reading Exceptional People Magazine because I wanted to ‘learn at the feet of the masters’ what it takes to be exceptional. What I found is that it’s almost entirely about attitude and perspective. No one exemplifies this more than Monica Davis, the magazine’s founder. Monica’s amazing attitude toward life and her ability to embrace the talent and beauty in each individual enables her to attract the wisest and greatest individuals of our time. Her interviews are insightful and inspiring. Warning: they will absolutely change the way you look at the world and they may even change your life.”
CJ Scarlet
CEO, Roving Coach International

“Today’s tough economic conditions is enough to make the most motivated individuals second guess their good intentions. I’m encouraged that there is a publication akin to Exceptional People Magazine that highlights the success and well-being of other professionals who stuck to their guns to live their dream everyday. Reading the stories from Michael Dell, Les Brown, George Fraser, etc. gives me the encouragement that I too can become an exceptional individual in every aspect of my life.”
Derrick Miles
CEO, The Milestone Brand

“I have had the pleasure of working for and with the publisher, Monica Davis over the past five plus years. Her remarkable talent and perseverance is one you do not see often enough. Over the years I have seen Monica accomplish numerous professional achievements including developing her web site into a sought after business resource and hub of valuable information. As one of our top TV stars at Motivational Whisperers, she always brought great interviews with top experts and interesting up to date topics that have and continue to change people’s lives. To sum up Monica Davis with one word, it’s SUCCESS!”
Dawn Abraham
Founder and CEO, Motivational Whisperers, LLC
Awarding Winning Marketing Expert

Exceptional People Magazine is beautiful! Not only is the magazine physically beautiful but the messages of empowerment inside are priceless.”
Debi Silber, www.themojocoach.com

Other Readers

Exceptional People Magazine is in a league all on its own! It truly focuses on helping people of all walks of life and is so multifaceted. It tells true success stories of people who have achieved amazing success and started with nothing or had major health or physical setbacks. It instills a great sense of hope! It is a magazine that literally everyone can benefit from. ”
Dean G. Campbell, President, Campbell Retirement Planning Centers

Exceptional People Magazine is an awesome and inspiring magazine. I’m impressed and encouraged by what you’re doing. I think it’s awesome! I think that’s the place to go to be encouraged, to be empowered and actually to be inspired by the people that are doing things. ”
Joyce Robinson Agu, Winner, CBS, The Amazing Race, Season 7

“Each time I think you’ve hit the ball out of the park, you surprise me again with your greatness! What a brilliant job you’ve done on the January/February issue. I love it!! Your interviews with Barbara Cull, Dr. Bill and Harry Carson are outstanding. The layout is truly exceptional and the content is worthy of praise. This is a top-tier publication. Bravo!”
Sharon Crews, Los Angeles, CA

“I am so glad that I subscribed to Exceptional People Magazine. Through my subscription I have met one of your amazing experts who has helped me change my life drastically. Because of you my dreams to become a business owner, doing what I love most has become a reality. In just a short period of time, I’ve achieved more than I ever expected. Thank you for introducing me. He is a wealth of knowledge and he goes well beyond the call of duty to help you succeed. Thank you for all that you do to help others.

Exceptional People Magazine is a must-read and tool for anybody who is aiming for success and desires to become all that they can become regardless of their circumstance.”
Christopher Powell, President of Reaching New Heights, LLC, Brentwood, MD

“I just signed up for Exceptional People Magazine and was so impressed. It looks fabulous. The articles are great and I love the special bonus offers!!!! ”
Yvetta Drayton, Richmond, VA

Exceptional People Magazine is a must-read online publication. It offers riveting real-life stories, helping hints, sound advice and humor. Guaranteed to capture your attention!”
Bea R., Washington, D.C.

“Awesome. Absolutely awesome! Your magazine covers the full spectrum of what we need to succeed, survive and triumph over our circumstances. You hit the mark.”
Mary W., San Antonio, TX

Exceptional People Magazine is an incredible treat for the soul!”Exceptionally” well done, it will inspire you to fully become and express all that you are.”
Margaret Paul, Ph.D., Los Angeles, CA

“Dear Editor and Staff members of Exceptional Magazine. Your magazine is truly exceptional and filled with articles that inspire and interest me personally and professionally. Aside from the real life changing stories and experiences, I enjoy the excellent advice columns for health and fitness, the inspirational articles, the fun quotes, cooking tips, marketing ideas, and financial information. The only problem is that I ran out of ink printing out many of your inspirational articles!”
Marlene Pfeifer, Pasadena, CA

Exceptional People Magazine features an exceptional array of role models who are worth learning about — and from. The articles span a broad spectrum of interests, but every feature is informative and inspiring. This is reading that expands your horizons while reminding you that challenges are worth pursuing – and amazing things are possible if you commit yourself to it. ”
Rosalind Sedacca, CCT., Florida

“Let me openly express to you the level of impact the magazine has made in my life and that of my community. Within just two weeks of reading on the empowerment, I returned to my war-ravished community and introduced a financial savings club as a means of empowering ourselves. Today, we are 252 (two hundred fifty two) members with a bank account of nearly half a million Liberian dollars from just three months of premiums paid. Once again I want to appreciate you for your vision and the impact made on the people around the world.”
Rufus Zerlee, Liberia Monrovia

Exceptional People Magazine, the latest internet treasure, unites and inspires individuals from around the world with heroic stories of ordinary people. I love it because it features personal growth stories of people from different cultures and races bringing me a deeper appreciation and understanding of their lives. The stories are well written and inspire me to improve my own life. That’s why I now subscribe to Exceptional Magazine, an amazing, uplifting online treasure.”
Jean Tracy, MSS, Edmonds, WA

“There is no other magazine like Exceptional People Magazine!

It is packed with inspiring articles about real people who are beating the odds—overcoming adversity, finding their purpose in life and fulfilling that purpose, helping other people around the world.

Exceptional People Magazine shines the light on what is right with the world—highlighting people who make things happen. These are the people we all would like to have in our community.

Yet it doesn’t stop there—the magazine also presents ideas on business and careers, health and fitness, shopping, safety—anything that will lead us to a more satisfying life. Exceptional People Magazine is a “must read” on my priority list.”
Jo Condrill, CEO, GoalMinds, Inc., Houston, TX

“I enjoy reading your magazine. It’s exciting.”
Barbara M, Washington, D.C.

“I love Exceptional People Magazine. It has inspired me to re-evaluate my life.”
Joseph C., Fairfax, VA

“I love this mag! It is very positive and upbeat.”
Thomas A., New York, NY

“I love Exceptional People Magazine. I am a great admirer of both the content and the writers of this magazine. Please keep it up. It lights up my dreams.”
George Ojika, Mombasa, Kenya

“I have been reading Exceptional People Magazine for over two years. I find the magazine refreshing, inspiring, illuminating, motivating and brilliant. What I am going through cannot compare to some of the things other people are enduring. The stories that have been shared let me know that their strengths are made productive and weakness made irrelevant. I truly know that there are really exceptional people in this world.

The magazine gives an insight on business, health, cultural development. financial needs and much more. I enjoy every aspect of the magazine, it keeps me wanting more. It’s an illuminating, uplifting read! Thank you for caring.”
Henrietta Gibson, Washington, D.C.

“The Onyx Six Network has been following Exceptional People Magazine for quite a while and are always impressed with the information shared.”
Lyndsey Shaffer, Regional Director

Exceptional People magazine is as it’s name states, exceptional in the fact that it’s aim is to highlight and promote the endless possibilities of the human potential. This magazine seeks to unearth and share on a global basis the many successes and achievements of ordinary people doing extraordinary things and I can think of no better way to motivate, inspire and empower humanity to fulfill their tremendous potential and to follow their dreams.”
Esther Austin , London, England

“I am still loving Exceptional People. I have a big dream — making humor writing my full-time profession. I get very discouraged sometimes. The people you feature in Exceptional People really inspire me to keep going. I hope you know what a wonderful service and gift you are providing.”
Dorothy R., Nebraska

“I am definitely inspired by your magazine. ”
Johnny Henry, Soso, MS
“I’m thankful for your magazine.”
Charles Garcia, www.iwillsellanything.com

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing what you do! Exceptional People Magazine is absolutely refreshing in today’s “negative media driven” world. Do you “coach” as well? Have a great day!! ”
J. Driscoll, St. Louis, MO

“I just wanted you to know that I love your magazine.”
Karen Mager, Reeds Spring, MO

“Your magazine is fantastic! I will be recommending it to every member of our organization.”
Ann Woodford, Executive Director, One Dozen Who Care, Andrews, NC

Comments From A Few Guests of Exceptional People Magazine

“I think that anybody who has a dream and are actually following through and have the opportunity to be featured in a magazine, I think Exceptional People Magazine is the place to be. It the place to be encouraged, empowered and actually to be inspired by the people that are doing things who are no better than you.

It’s an awesome thing to aspire to be in and to actually read about other people’s trials and how they’ve overcome adversities or how they’ve managed to become successful. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. It’s what we do with it.

I think you have to be uncomfortable to be an extraordinary person and to be in Exceptional People Magazine.

I think it’s awesome that you are acknowledging these people, and so I’m just thrilled that I get to be one of them. You made me feel special and I appreciate it.”
Joyce Robinson Agu (Winner, The Amazing Race, Season 7)

“I was so excited to see the article! Bless you for the wonderful work you do in giving people a voice to share their hopes, dreams and vision of a better future! May you be blessed in return. Thank you again and again on behalf of the “kids”. Fondly,”
Barbara Cull www.ecf.net

“This article is amazing. Truly, to God be the glory. Thank you so much for taking your time to write such a thorough and explicit article of my past and desired future. Again, thank you for being so exceptionally kind and wonderful, and I pray God continues to bless you in all your endeavors.”
Martha Teke

“Wow, thank you so much for publishing this wonderful article about EIA. You are so kind to write about us, and it was a pleasure to be able to share the story. We appreciate your help! You have a great magazine that I know inspires others to think positively. We look forward to many more issues of Exceptional People in the future.”
Ashlee Kleinert www.executivesinaction.org

“Love your magazine! Great job! I really like the article and I’m mounting a copy for the office. I’ve been in a lot of magazines but yours, in a word, is “exceptional”.”
John Basedow www.fitnessmadesimple.com

“I’m very flattered and honored that Exceptional People Magazine considered me for an interview.”
Ernie Hudson, Hollywood Actor and Humanitarian

“On behalf of the LAMP for Haiti, Tom Griffin, and me, thank you so very much for your very kind article, published in Exceptional People Magazine. I am almost embarrassed about such kind words, but truly I know that it is the work itself that is enabled by the story.

I will certainly spread the word about your magazine. I read the cover story about Mayor Wynn-Dixon — terrific!

Thank you again for your coverage. I do hope that we will get to meet in person in the near future. My very best regards”
Jim Morgan www.lampforhaiti.org

“FANTASTIC!!!! I love it and so does everyone else! Great Job!!!”
Ivan Rusilko, Mr. World USA 2010

“THANK YOU! We are honored you chose to profile our organization and Shaun and I in your magazine. We are proud to be a part of it!!! Wow, thank you so very much! I thank you for your very powerful words and thought and care you put into your piece about the Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund (HDSF) and of course I especially love the piece about SHAUN.

I am honored and grateful that you wrote about our organization, Shaun and I thank you very, very much.

We will use this piece in our HDSF organizational materials and packets and we appreciate the opportunity you gave us to do that!!”
Susie Kay www.hoopdreams.org

“Thanks for a wonderful profile! All of us at One Heartland appreciate the exposure you are providing our organization and cause. All best wishes.”
Neil Willenson www.oneheartland.org

“Enrico here. Thank you for a great interview this morning. To momentarily borrow a part of your magazine title, thank you for an Exceptional article!”
Enrico Miguel Thomas www.enricomiguelthomas.com

“Just finished reading the article and it’s wonderful! Thank you SO much for choosing to feature my story. I am deeply honored. Sent the link to about 300 people. You’re the best!”
CJ Scarlet www.rovingcoach.com

“Thanks immensely for the wonderful publication. All biases aside, I just think the March/April cover is fabulous, ha ha! You’ve always done great work, and this is no exception.“
Christopher Fomunyoh www.tffcam.org

“Very nice and thank you very much. I enjoyed talking with you. Hope we can meet in person some day.”
Bill Larson, Former broadcast journalist, news correspondent and anchor, ABC network Radio www.billlarson.tv

“Thank you so much Monica for this honor. I feel especially privileged to be included in the edition with First Lady Michelle Obama on the cover. I’ll definitely inform my family, friends and associates about Exceptional People Magazine. Best wishes and continued success with your magazine. “
Bernadette Allen (former U.S. Ambassador, Niger)

“This is a great article! I am so happy that you gave me the opportunity. I am definitely blessed.”
Chef Sean Thomas

“The interview is outstanding!! I am so honored!”
Brian Hawthorne www.studentveterans.org

“I am ecstatic about the article! It exceeded my wildest imagination of what it would be like. I am blessed and walking in His favor. You Are Amazing!”
Mary Wooldridge, Air Force, Retired

“Thank you very much Monica, your magazine is fantastic, I really enjoy reading it.”
Matthew Kurian www.childrescue.net

“How wonderful that you featured us in your magazine. I am thrilled and it is great. “
Kristin Engvig www.winconference.org

“Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. The article is great and I am emailing people to go to it and see it.”
Kevin Owen www.e-copp.com

“Thank you again for the opportunity to be featured in Exceptional People Magazine. I am so excited to be part of it.”
Kate Volman www.katevolman.com

“I just read the interview and all I can say is WOW. Thank you for telling my story – and telling it so well.”
Karen Mager

“I love the article and also how great the cover looks! It’s really an honor for us and much appreciated!”
John Wood www.roomtoread.org

“I really enjoyed speaking with Miss Davis on Friday. Her interview absolutely made my day and weekend. I am still riding high off of it. Now I can tell all of my friends. Thank you so much!!!!”
Marcus White

“You honor our mission by allowing us a place in your magazine. Thank you for sharing our story with your readers. I will certainly pass this on and look forward to many positive comments. I pray for you the best success in future issues.”
George Lutz www.honorandremember.org

“Thanks again for the opportunity. It really means a lot to me to have my story told in your publication.”
Eric Doe, U.S. Army

“It was wonderful speaking with you on Friday. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured in your magazine! The article is wonderful. Thanks so much.”
Ellen Banks www.reflectyourpower.com

“Words could never express our heartfelt thanks and praise to you. What a beautiful article and the timing couldn’t have been better for it to be published now as Mr. DeLorenzo approaches his 40th Anniversary in SHOWBIZ this month on June 19th. On behalf of Mr. DeLorenzo and all of us here at DeLorenzo Enterprise/PKI Productions we are Proud and Honored to be published in Exceptional People Magazine for all your readers to see and we will share it with everyone on our end as well. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!! GOD Bless You and Much Continued Success to You ! Professionally,”
Charlotte Haug, Head of Public Relations www.petedelorenzo.com

“Outstanding! Thank you very much, Monica.”
Rawle Andrews, AARP, Regional Vice President www.aarp.org

“The story is wonderful! You captured things that others have not mentioned, appreciate that! Again, thank you immensely for considering Rosie’s Garage worthy of your efforts of community good. God bless.”
Rose Espinoza www.rosiesgarage.org

“Thank you so much for the great article spotlighting our in-home health care agency in your current publication of Exceptional Magazine. We appreciate the great exposure and association with your unique, professional magazine. I hope I have an opportunity to thank you in person. Thanks again and I look forward to meeting you.”
Kerry O’Brien

“Needless to say, I am thrilled to be included in Exceptional People Magazine. Congratulations on yet another great edition of your magazine. Wishing you the very best of everything.”
Marlene Gordon, www.nextstagetours.com