Susan Harrow: Teaching Girls Verbal Self-Defense


Susan Harrow

For well over twenty years, Harrow has worked closely with success-driven entrepreneurs and authors who want to get heard – and featured – by major media outlets. Along the way, she’s discovered that women often struggle because they’ve been trained from birth into “pathological niceness.”

What’s wrong with being nice? Nothing, unless it’s delivered – or interpreted – as weakness. It’s no secret that women are repeatedly dismissed as employees, entrepreneurs, aspiring thought-leaders, or influencers. It’s hard to toot your own horn or stand up for yourself when you’ve been taught that that’s just… not nice.

And then there’s sexual harassment, misconduct, and rape. Not big news to most women. Sadly, these have been a fact of life since the dawn of time. That this elephant in the room has recently been spotlighted in the media helps. But Harrow clearly believes that more can and should be done.

Through her long success as a publicist, Harrow has repeated to her women clients that the way they speak, stand, and express themselves makes all the difference in the way they are treated by themselves and by others. Can women be nice too? Absolutely. Harrow’s mission is to teach girls how to gracefully yet firmly eliminate the chance of their own victimization.

Her True Shield Program is the result, and Harrow means to change the world with it.

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