Super Vacation Ideas that Won’t Break Your Bank


You’ve heard it – “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” The same goes for Jill. This is why a yearly vacation is vitally important to your well-being. Working or going to school the whole year round can drain your physical and mental health if you don’t make time to kick back, relax, and find some pleasure in life.

However, it can be very expensive to go somewhere on a family holiday. Sadly, we all too often make routine needs and activities our spending priorities, while vacations fall to the end of the money list. However, there are reasonably priced alternatives when you are ready to go on vacation.

Think about the following inexpensive vacation opportunities:

  1. Go on a camping vacation with your spouse and children.
    Camping is one of the cheapest ways to take a vacation. Camping is a fun activity you can do with your children, and it gives you a chance to create a stronger family bond. Bear in mind that children love to spend time outdoors, so you can permit them to roam about and explore nature as long as you camp with them at a safe campsite. Your kids will have a lot of fun!

  2. Introduce your family to the art of hiking.
    On your next vacation, pick a camp spot that has hiking trails if you want your family to have more fun and excitement. A camping, hiking, and boating holiday offers great scenery and great workouts in the fresh country air. Hiking is a great way to burn those extra calories that you eat during your vacation.

  3. Make a reservation to stay at a lovely cottage or guest farm in a country setting.
    You can have a great vacation without checking into a luxurious hotel. Those who need to be careful with their money can find excellent possibilities for stays out in the country.

    Your location may offer different venues, but some great finds might include

    • Delightful farmhouses or cottages specializing in unique family vacation experiences
    • Self-contained nearby packages where you pack some food and hit the road
    • A quiet spot for real rest and relaxation, no travel stress.
  4. Head for the amusement parks.
    Choose a theme park with rides and shows for a vacation that will be a guaranteed success with your kids. A lot of parents won’t even consider this option, thinking it will be pricey. However, you need to know that this idea is not at all true!

    In the areas of the major theme parks, you can find affordable family-suite resorts fully equipped for cooking some of your own meals. There are accomodation alternatives that let you pack up a picnic and leave for your amusement park vacation without having to get a second mortgage just to go.

This is a small sampling of the many ways your family can enjoy a great vacation and stay within your budget. Making use of online resources in addition to magazines and information gathered from travel agents can aid you in identifying other options that are affordable. You can enjoy a vacation that’s within your budget if you’re a bit creative and you check out all the alternatives.

We all need time off from our regular routines now and then for emotional and physical relaxation. Taking a vacation is the surefire solution to that problem, but you need to find a vacation that won’t be too great a drain on your budget.

When you find vacations like these, you can rest easy knowing that you will still have some money left when your trip is finished.


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