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Suna Senman

As an author and licensed mental health counselor, Suna Senman, is dedicated to helping people effectively deal with and eliminate the overwhelming stress that so many Americans are experiencing today.

The impact of job loss, foreclosures, and other issues relating to everyday life continue to take a toll on many individuals. The ability to overcome these issues becomes more challenging every day.

In her new book, Peace: Discovering Life’s Harmony through Relationships, Senman aims to help Americans find harmony in their lives by providing a step-by-step guide for manifesting inner and outer peace, even though the world around them may seem chaotic and out of control.

When asked what her definition of peace is, Senman replied, “I see peace as very active. I do not see it as the absence of conflict. I see it as balancing and harmonizing. I think that if you look at nature, everything is changing constantly. Seasons change, a flower blooms, it becomes seeds, and it dies off. Everything balances out. So peace is more about balance and harmony.”

Senman candidly spoke about her purpose in writing Peace, her work as a mental health counselor and her passion for helping individuals cope with stressful, life-changing events.

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