Suggestions to Maximize the Benefits from Your Savings Account


Does it seem you’re getting nowhere with your current bank? Do you feel as though your money has just been sitting in the bank for an eternity, but that you have not earned nearly enough interest on your investment?

Although financial institutions are currently paying low interest rates to savers, you can still apply certain techniques that help you to receive more money from your savings account.

Simple Methods to Increase Returns

If you like a traditional savings account better than some of the more complicated investment options available, here are some ways you can maximize the return on your saving investment:

  1. Do your savings online.
    Online savings accounts have rapidly increased in popularity for people that want a simple bank account that pays a good rate of interest.

    • You may find that you earn better interest rates on the money you deposit when you choose to open an online savings account. You do not have much to worry about with this type of account.
    • Your money will accrue interest, and there is virtually no risk. All accounts with a balance below $250,000 are insured by the Federal government. This type of insurance means that you do not need to worry if the bank goes out of business because your money is safe.
  2. Find interest rates that are the highest available.
    You may not know it, but every savings account isn’t like every other one. Some savings accounts typically offer savers higher rates of interest than other savings accounts, so you need to think about saving your money in a financial institution that gives you the greatest reward for your efforts. In the final analysis, your goal is to earn interest on your savings, so you may as well earn the highest available interest rate.

    • Deposit as much money as you can into your savings account because a higher balance means more interest at the end of the month. That could mean a big difference as your savings get gradually bigger.
  3. When you open an account, try to find one with bonuses or a cash incentive.
    There are savings accounts that will give you a substantial bonus for opening a new account. These types of savings accounts enable you to have extra money as soon as you establish your new account, and this type of benefit can help you to continue adding money to the savings account.
  4. Understand how your interest gets credited.
    If you can track the way in which your savings account accumulates interest, you can decipher that particular date on which your actual interest is calculated in your savings account.

    • One way to see your interest payment to up at the end of every month is to deposit more money into your savings account the day before you receive your interest payment. You will then experience the joy of observing more accumulated interest on the money you have saved in your savings account.

Take Your Savings One Step Further

If you are a daring type of person, you can think about opening up a fixed-term savings account that provides you with a better rate of return. They include alternatives such as CDs and money markets. Naturally, these types of savings involve greater risks, but you can control the risk factor if you do ample research.

If you open a savings account with a fixed term, this can cause a problem during a period when you need to withdraw money because of an unforeseen emergency. You will accumulate greater savings if you refrain from withdrawing money until the term’s end because you will earn more interest.

Certificates of deposit guarantee a fixed rate of interest that is higher the longer you commit to leaving your money without withdrawing it. This might be something to consider if you are not happy with the return you are currently getting on your cash.

It can be very annoying to receive very little on your money from a bank with whom you have been saving for a long time. Think about all of your current options before you choose the right place to save your money because you want to discover the best financial institution that offers you the best interest rate for your savings.


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