From Traumatized Victim to Strong and Sage Survivor


Tilde Guajardo

Many of us have had traumatic experiences that have rocked the foundations of everything we believe in, so what makes the difference between being a victim and a survivor? All we have to do is look to Matilde Guajardo for inspiration and proof that our pasts do not dictate our futures. Tilde, as she is affectionately called, experienced sexual abuse starting at the age of five, right up until she became a young teenager.

Like most victims of trauma, she numbed herself in order to push away her intense feelings of pain, betrayal and fear. And like most victims, those strong feelings didn’t stay buried for long, so in her late 20’s, she became a staunch supporter of women’s rights, leading, organizing, teaching and speaking at a variety of events to raise public awareness on issues like domestic violence, child abuse, breast cancer and human trafficking.

She is now the CEO of Womanars, an organization she started to assist other women in living better lives by dropping the limiting and outdated mores that stunt their true potential for happiness and success. Tilde has spent countless hours interviewing more than 100 women in order to produce her Womanars videos. The speakers offer their advice and personal experiences to help other women realize their strength and potential.

Tilde is also the author of two books and an international speaker, addressing audiences of all ages and nationalities, but it doesn’t stop there. As the licensee and lead organizer of TEDX Turtle Creek Women since 2013, she has gathered outstanding, inspirational speakers who empower women and expand their views of what they can achieve in their lives. Tilde shows us all that by working together, we can overcome any adversity or challenge we encounter.

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