Strategies for Raising Self Confident Teens


Getting through the teen years can be a challenge for both teens and their parents. Teenagers are finding it challenging to find themselves as they hover between childhood and adulthood. During their teen years, one of the big issues teenagers have to deal with is their feelings of self-worth.

Teens can develop their self-esteem abilities in the same way they are strengthening other skills. Although some teenagers will need to beat more difficult problems, every teen can benefit from having more self confidence.

Try implementing the following tips to help your teenager:

1. At first, refrain from suggesting large-scale changes.

When you are trying to help your teen make appropriate changes, do not rush things. To express that they must become self-confident overnight can prove to be a nearly impossible task, and it may, emotional-wise, cause your teen to draw away from you.

  • Rather, concentrate on only one little thing, and go from there. They could begin by standing up to a particular friend or gathering the courage to speak up more when in class.

2. Practice leaving the past behind.

A great majority of the time, a teen’s self confidence issues will stem from a past experience. Address those occurrences to begin with, and assure your teen that the past isn’t required to be self-repeating. Let your teen know that in life, you cannot become too stuck on past issues or the risk will be jeopardizing future opportunities.

3. Keep telling your teenager that he or she isn’t going through it alone.

A teenager often feels deep feelings of loneliness; they occasionally cut themselves off from the world because they do not feel at ease discussing their problems.

  • Let your teen know that you are always available, and listen to problems without taking on the role of a judge.
  • Let them know that you will always be there, in addition to other family members and friends.

4. Encourage them.

Your teenagers need to hear the positive words of encouragement you have to offer. The observations you share with them about themselves will help them to appreciate their talents. At times, things work out just right for them, but there are many times where they find themselves beginning to struggle.

  • Be available when they hit a new challenge to give that additional bit of inspiration.

5. Let your teenager attempt new things.

You can give your teen a great confidence builder by encouraging them to become involved in new things. This allows them additional practice when it comes to confidence, and it may assist them in becoming more grounded and social.

6. Offer a reward.

Make use of rewards as a way of congratulating your teen when they take great steps towards self confidence. If your teens start to improve the sense of self confidence, treat them to a night out at their favorite pizza parlor or take them to see a new movie at the movie theater.

7. Give love that’s unconditional.

Loving them without any strings attached tells your teen that you will support them in good times and in bad times.

8. Practice acceptance.

Practice acceptance, and show your teenager how to do that too. Your teen will have the necessary confidence to be himself if your nature is an accepting one. If you accept your teen at home without making judgments, your teen will develop more self confidence with people who are not family members.

Keep in mind that the key thing is to stay present for your teenager. At times, they will have a desire to be alone, and there will be other times when they will need your help. No matter which way it goes, they’ll see you’re always on their side.


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