Steps to Encourage Your Subscribers to Read Your Email and Take Action


You have done a lot of work to set up your autoresponder system just the way you want it. You’ve devised appealing email messages timed to send to your subscriber list on specific days depending on when they enrolled. Okay, you’ve finished creating your list, but now what? Why are all your emails being ignored? How come they’re not following any of your links? There are a number of possible reasons. Here are some tips to encourage your subscribers to open your emails, read them, and make a move.

Provide information to your subscribers — Let new subscribers know exactly what to expect. Tell them what they can expect by joining your list. Be sure they know how frequently to expect to hear from you. Give them the email address that they can add to their contacts. Be sure to give your subscribers plenty of information so that they will know what to expect from your communications. Then follow your plan.

Divide up your list — Nobody likes to receive repeated emails regarding a product they already purchased. Too many of these, and you just filter them straight to the trash or delete your subscription. You know that’s what happens! If you properly segment your list, you will prevent this problem. You can customize the text of your emails accordingly so people on different subscriber lists will get different emails. What’s so nice is that your autoresponder can do this for you when you program it with a few simple rules.

Invite them to act — Subscribers won’t do what you want unless you tell them. You need to give them a call to action. To get in on this great opportunity, click here. Don’t pass up this opportunity! This offer will only be around for three more days! Something of that sort. You are unlikely to get the sale if you fail to ask for it. Just tell or ask them, but be sure to do it nicely.

Use custom subject lines — With modern technology, you can customize the subject of your email, putting each subscriber’s name in the mail they receive, in addition to the newsletter title. What makes this work so well is that it will single out your email above the crowd of unpersonalized emails that your subscribers receive in multitudes.

Speak out to your inactive subscribers — Make reference to them and point out what they are losing out on by not joining in, clicking through, or purchasing your goods or services. Ask them what more you can do for them, request their feedback, and let them know their response is helpful.

Make your subjects sensational — You will get more opens, and if your email body is good, more clicks, if you say something that appeals to the individuals on your targeted segmented list.

Test and Test Again. And Again — By now, you have discovered that Internet advertising means testing, measuring, and retesting every marketing strategy. Of course, this doesn’t exclude your email campaigns to your subscribers, both prospects and active customers. If something is not right or there is room for improvement, you should make a minor modification and repeat your assessment procedure. Trial and error will move you closer and closer until you hit the sweet spot that lets the dollars roll in.


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