Six Ways to Avoid Job Burnout


Does your lifestyle seem out of balance? Do you feel run down and out of energy much of the time? Does it seem like work is eating you alive? It’s possible you are suffering from job burnout.

Your life goals, like striving to support your family, buying a new car or new house, or attempting to earn that next promotion, may be leading you to spend too much time and effort at work. One pitfall is becoming accustomed to your new routine and the stress inherent with such an imbalance.

Thankfully, there are lots of things you can do to avoid job burnout:

  1. Try to only work your scheduled number of hours. If you’re working extra hours than what you’re required to, that’s one of the earliest hints that you’re starting to overwork yourself.
    • For instance, if you’re supposed to work 40 hours a week and find that you’re really working as many as 45, then notice this and realize that it will eventually cause you problems.
    • Putting in the occasional extra hours can help with advancing your career or balancing your pocketbook. However, too much work can adversely affect your productivity over the long term.
  2. Take advantage of the tools your job offers to increase your efficiency. Learn how to use the tools at your workplace that can save you time.
    • For instance, maybe you’re supposed to copy and put together an employee manual with many pages, but you still don’t understand how the complicated copy machine works so that it will copy, collate, and staple for you. It might be a worthy investment of your time to figure out how to use the copy machine, making your task shorter in the long run.
  3. Let someone else help. Whenever you can, delegate some of your responsibilities to other people. Believing that no one else is able to do your job as well as you is one sign of burnout.
    • Regardless of whether this is true, you’re not required to act as though it is. If you do, you’ll end up doing a greater and greater share of the work.
    • By delegating, you’re allowing others to take advantage of an opportunity for growth and development. Encouraging growth in others may even be one of your job duties if you’re in the position to delegate.
  4. Get away for a moment. It’s crucial to redirect your brain from your tasks at work several times daily.
    • Go grab some coffee and catch up with coworkers about last night’s television shows.
    • Give your partner a call to make plans for a fun activity later in the day or over the weekend.
    • Get away from your normal work environment, no matter what you do for your break. Try to get out of the office or take a look out the window instead of staring at your computer monitor. Make sure to take a restful break if your job normally entails running around. Find a secluded spot to sit for a moment, or even indulge in a brief nap if possible.
  5. Get in the practice of taking all the time off that you’re given. Not taking advantage of your time off might lead you to having to take sick days because of job burnout.
    • Use your vacation days to restore your energy by doing a variety of things which aren’t work-related.
    • Make sure to completely remove yourself from your work as much as you are able.
  6. Keep a handle on how you feel about your job. Be honest with yourself about your feelings—feelings are always valid and worthy of notice. Your gut can be the first hint that you’re on the path to job burnout.
    • Do you hate getting up in the morning to go to work? Are you happily absorbed in your job and fascinated by it? Or have you become weary of it, or even dread going there?
    • Once you realize that you no longer think positively about your job, take action to fix the underlying issues. Your work shouldn’t drain you; it’s crucial for it to be a positive motivator.

Having a sound work-life balance is critical. Use the methods we’ve discussed to keep from coming down with a case of job burnout. Find the freedom and joy of living stress-free and in balance.


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