Serious About Getting Fit But Hate the Gym?


Keep Fit At Home With These Great Tips: Health and fitness are important for all people of every shape, size and level of wellness. But perhaps, like lots of others, you’d prefer to reach your goal for fitness and not have to go to the gym! Happily, you can get and stay fit without having to leave your house.

Use Your Daily Home Chores As Workout Activities: If you are really interested in fitness, you can heighten your fitness level by simply making good use of your activities of daily living. Actually, you’re likely to burn more calories when you’re just doing regular activities. So why waste any more time? Get started on a new path to fitness.

Here are some great tips to help you keep fit at home:

  1. Spend more time working in your kitchen. Have you ever thought that kitchen time could really assist you in getting more fit? Don’t get trapped into tasting everything you are cooking in the kitchen though, as this could undermine your efforts. Even simple tasks as reorganizing the pantry, cutting up vegetables and washing the dishes can burn calories.
  2. Work in your garden. Another great way to work on your fitness level at home is by working in your garden. Pruning roses, watering shrubs, and mowing the lawn can all help. Before long, you’ll have sweat rolling off your brow as if you were working out in the gym!
  3. Clear out those unwanted items at a garage sale. Undoubtedly you have a lot of things you don’t use any more. So how about finding this stuff, hosting a garage sale, and burn calories at the same time? You can stretch some seldom used muscles by reaching to the far back of your neglected cupboards.
  4. Catch up on all that laundry. Doing the wash can be a wonderful way to stay fit at home, too. You can get a good cardio and aerobic workout just transferring your clothes from hamper to washer to dryer, especially if you have to carry them up and down the stairs. Who knew you could benefit so much from washing your linens and athletic wear?
  5. Clean the house. Some good, old-fashioned cleaning can help you get in shape without ever leaving the house. You can get a real workout from sweeping and mopping and have some fun, too if you just put on some great music and dance your chores away.

Cleaning your home can improve your fitness in several ways:

  • Physical activity will raise your heart rate.
  • You will work many different muscles and raise your strength level.
  • Get healthy when watching television: To get a jump on your fitness routine try exercising at home. Maybe you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home where you can avoid those judgmental looks you get at the gym. The simplest method is just to put on the exercise DVD in your own living room.
    • There are a plethora of exercise DVDs to choose from these days. You will find workout plans geared toward belly flattening, weight training, cardio and aerobic workouts and full body training. You could do even more by getting a DVD on yoga or Pilates. You’re sure to find something that suits your interests.
    • You can even get up and exercise while you’re checking out your favorite movies and TV shows. You can watch as much TV as you want so long as you stay active as you watch!

These suggestions can provide inspiration for fitness by helping you to exercise at home. By making the most of the fitness opportunities presented by your household chores, you will attain your health and wellness goals far faster than you ever thought you could.

If you are thinking of making your next Saturday a Work At Home Day, turn it into a Workout At Home Day instead. When you realize that doing your chores will help you attain your fitness goal, you are sure to enjoy them more.


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