Serial Entrepreneurial Luminary Shares Lessons Learned


Lalanii Wilson-Jones

“A woman’s favorite position is CEO.” So reads a recent Instagram post from Mogul247, the parent company of healthcare, education, beauty, and wellness companies.

Founded in 1996 by Lalanii Wilson-Jones, Mogul247 has several ambitious missions: “To lead and grow opportunities in its community to increase economic prosperity, source social justice, bring enjoyment to others, and build self-esteem for all those who could use it.”

Achieving this many goals is no easy task, but Wilson-Jones was not raised to falter in the face of a challenge. Maybe that’s why she’s now the CEO of over a dozen successful companies and a philanthropic leader as well.

Wilson-Jones’ mother, a home healthcare entrepreneur, taught her daughter the ins and outs of business management early on. Observing her mother — even assisting in the administration of the business at a young age — Wilson-Jones learned that failure was not a reason to stop trying. Failure, she learned, was simply a sign that another strategy was needed.

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