Conquering Challenges in the Boxing Ring and in His Hometown


Rock Blackwell

(Photo courtesy of Enigma) Born in 1986, Rock Blackwell’s life began on low note. His father left his family soon after his birth, but his mother Sandra, courageously accepted the challenge of raising her family single-handedly with very little money and resources. She instilled in them the importance of believing in God, maintaining faith, establishing solid values and being committed to your life’s purpose.

Surrounded by negativity, Blackwell found it challenging at times to stay positive especially without a father or a male role model in his life but family values would always prevail.

As a young child, Blackwell began to develop a passion for boxing so much so that he began setting his sights on becoming a world champion. Ever since, he continued to aim for his goal unswervingly not only as a boxer but as a human being – to become the perfect version of who he believes God wants him to be.

Though he did not always heed the teachings of his mother, he quickly realized that if he wanted to live a life that others would be inspired by, he would have to continue to grow in his faith and family values, and live a life of integrity.

Continuing to develop his dream as a world class boxer has helped him put things into perspective and realize that hard work, patience, taking care of yourself and being committed to God and your dream is what makes you a success. His remarkable boxing record of 15-0 in the International Boxing League has proven that he has staying power and that he is poised to become the world class champion that he seeks to become.

As his fan based continues to grow, Blackwell continues to show them that he is not only a man of strength, perseverance and faith but also one who cares about the plight of others. As a native of Baltimore, Maryland, Blackwell also has a passion for helping others rise above their challenges and difficult circumstances. He’s committed to feeding the hungry and homeless on the streets of is hometown.

“My ultimate goal is to create an organization and get people to come together so that we can attack the problem on a larger scale. I want to make love popular again where people actually care about what’s going on with other people and with the next generation,” says Blackwell.

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    Roger Laws

    January 9, 2015 at 10:50 PM

    Rock is an huge inspiration to the city of Baltimore and many across the globe. It was an honor meeting the champ. His ideals on life and work ethic is second to none. Truly a great role model and leader for the people.

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