Helping Small Business Owners Piece Together the HR Puzzle


Rick Maher

Every small business owner who wants to grow and expand their company knows they will have to hire people to perform specific duties and tasks. Human resources is the engine that keeps small businesses, large corporations and the federal government running. As the CEO of Effective Human Resources, Rick Maher knows all to well that trying to figure out all the pieces to the HR puzzle can be daunting, especially for small business owners.

His company has developed a concept called Fractional HR which addresses their needs, specifically family owned businesses of 5 to 150 employees by replacing the need for a full-time HR person. The company addresses such problems as compliance, all types of employee issues, and policies and procedures, and provides these services on an as needed basis. Its mission is to help the small business owner better understand the hiring process and to help them make the best decisions from start to finish when they are considering hiring employees.

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