Refused to Be Held Back by the Past


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Growing in lakes, swaps and marshes, with their roots digging deep into the soil, the lotus flower slowly rises. Although the lotus had its beginnings at the bottom, in the mud, and murky darkness, because of its natural strength, the flower ascends up higher and higher, above the water’s surface. With its pink petals leaning toward the sun, the lotus sits elegantly; blooming with unsurpassed grace and beauty.

Have you been dealt a pointless and unproductive blow?

Has your momentum been crippled, because someone deliberately tripped you?

When I see a lotus bloom on the glistening waters of our lake, I am reminded to continue to strive through difficulties. And like the lotus flower, with God’s grace, we will emerge triumphantly from the murky darkness into the bright light of the sun.

Be confident in who you are and where you are going. Artist Leonardo da Vinci once wrote, “Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.” Press through challenges. No hurdle is too great to jump over, for those who possess a persistent, unstoppable spirit!

Have confidence in your own brilliance. Don’t let anything or anyone steer you away from your heart’s dream. You are a person of purpose; a man or woman of destiny. Trust yourself. Be strong and confident. You have immeasurable potential, so set your eyes on the stars and visualize your dreams becoming a reality. In sports, I have heard coaches tell their athletes to, “play to your strengths.” Thus, pursue what you love, aim for what you really want, prepare for it, and map out an action plan. God has a great future for you, for He is the author of life itself, and He has brought you here, right now, for a very special reason. It’s your time. It is your moment to shine.

It was a rainy afternoon, and I began cleaning out my daughters’ closets. Amidst the clothes, shoes, and hats, I came across several old coloring books, broken crayons and toys, which had to be thrown away. There was no room for these unneeded items; they had to be released.

In life, I have found that the same principle holds true: if we are going to become all that God desires for us to be and achieve our heart’s purpose, then similar to the old coloring books, broken crayons and toys in the closet, we must let go of some things, as they do not have a place in our lives.

Let go of feelings of inferiority. Let go of the grievances of the past. Let go of regrets. Let go of the unfair circumstances. Do not allow someone else’s bad attitude or poor work ethic to discourage you from living your best life. Distracters are everywhere. Shake off their negativity and move on. God has your back, He has you covered. And He can transform frustrating situations into vessels of blessings. God can empower you to walk through and handle any difficulty.

Psalms 27:1-3 says, “The Lord is the strength of my life; Of whom shall I be afraid?  When the wicked came against me To eat up my flesh, My enemies and foes, They stumbled and fell. Though an army may encamp against me, My heart shall not fear.”

Last year, a highly skilled friend of mine started working with someone at her company who was dishonest, unmotivated, and lax. He made excuses for his work not being done in a timely fashion; he continually passed the buck, was lazy, and tried to blame my friend for his incompetence.

Having successfully worked in this particular industry for 15 years, my friend was hurt and frustrated by his deliberate actions against her. The more she tried to help and get along with this man, the more he unjustly criticized her.

Early one Saturday morning, my friend called me on the phone, distraught. “Pray and ask God for guidance — ask Him to lead you in the right direction,” I soothingly encouraged her. “Stay focused and don’t let anything he says get to you.”

A few days later, I unexpectedly saw my friend at the grocery store. After we exchanged a warm hug, she said that after our talk, she stepped back from her situation to regroup. While she was praying, God seemed to whisper to her and utter, “Don’t you think I see what is going on…” “You will need to develop your strength for more important issues later.”

Thereafter, my friend put her trust in God. Hence, she regained confidence in herself, and continued being and doing her best. It wasn’t long subsequently, that the man was removed from his position. And remarkably, soon after that, my friend was promoted to management in that organization.

Obstacles may be in your path today. But, you have what it takes to succeed. You have extraordinary gifts and talents to share with the world. So, live a life of excellence. Reach higher. Go farther. You can accomplish more.

And like the exquisite lotus flower, you will come out from the murky waters, rising up stronger, wiser, and more equipped for the amazing victory which is forthcoming for you.


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