Pros and Cons of Solo Mailings


There is no advertising strategy that is perfect for every business, so before you put your name on the line for a solo mailing, make sure you understand the advantages and disadvantages. Perhaps you will wonder why you didn’t begin solo mailings sooner. On the other hand, you may feel solo mailings are not right for you.

We should begin by considering the advantages that solo mailings offer.

  1. Broaden Your Contact Market: You should present your brand, your name, and your business to a lot of people for greater recognition. Remember that your mailing list must be closely connected with your market or niche. It’s not likely to be successful if it reaches the wrong demographic.
  2. Close Focus: Remember that solo mailings put you in the spotlight and get you the undivided attention of your target audience. Therefore, your advertisement will be the only thing in the mailing. So you won’t be competing for the recipients’ focus.
  3. Closely Targeted: This technique not only allows you to reach your target market but also allows you to reach a closely focused niche.
  4. Simple to Track: All you have to do is create a special URL or landing page if you want to find out how successful your solo mailing venture was.
  5. Low Cost: The cost for all sorts of advertising is variable, and the same is true of solo mailings. Nonetheless, having done due diligence with research, you are sure to find that this is an inexpensive option. If you don’t have much money to spend, this is a great advantage.

However, not everything is completely positive. You have to consider the negative aspects of solo mailings too.

  1. Low Conversion: You get good opt-in results with solo mailings; however, you don’t get a very high conversion rate. If you want to overcome this hesitancy, you must work with proven buyer lists.
  2. Building Credibility: You have an excellent chance to build credibility by sending out your mailings and conducting social media communications with your established opt-in mailing list. A disadvantage of a solo mailing is that it doesn’t lend itself to building credibility with your potential customers; building a relationship with them that will engender credibility will take much more than a single mailing.
  3. Junk & Spam: Lots of people automatically believe solo mailings are just junk or spam and don’t even look at them. This can be problematic since unopened emails just represent a waste of money for you.
  4. Expenses: There are pros and cons to the expenses you will encounter. List owners will generally charge according to the number of people on their list; the larger the list, the more it will cost you to mail your solo advertisement. It can be expensive!
  5. The Owner of the List May Refuse: You may have done quite a bit of research and located a list holder with voluminous, targeted lists. Perhaps you wish to do a solo mailing, but you are turned down. There’s nothing personal about that. A lot of list owners are very particular about what they allow to be sent to their list; understandably so, as what goes out to their list can have a direct effect on their own reputation.

Having said that, you will surely find it worthwhile to do a test solo mailing in your niche. Clearly, if you don’t give it a try, you will never know what results you might reap.


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