Perfecting the “Process”


Jeff Lee

Some people like to look at things much closer than the rest of us do, and one such person is Jeff Lee. Always fascinated by the process, and inspired by efficiency and effectiveness, Jeff loves to look for ways to do things in the shortest amount of time – and with the greatest results.

While earning his master’s in systems engineering from Stevens Institute, he worked as a project manager at the Johnson and Johnson Corporate Pharmaceutical Production Plant, and when it was time to go, it put his co-worker in tears.

The next chapter of his life was even more challenging when, at the tender age of 27, he was deployed to Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq as a federal employee to help move equipment like 60-ton tanks out of the country.

He returned home to fight an even bigger enemy: Depression. His commander had warned him that no one would understand the massive task he was able to tackle while working for the DoD, and he was right.

Over the next few years, Jeff started a consulting firm to help entrepreneurs streamline business processes and improve operations. One big part of that is knowing who to hire and when to delegate, he says.

His business follows his philosophy: To do things in the shortest amount of time with the greatest results, and Jeff has most certainly done just that. His interview is full of valuable advice and information – and not just for business people, but for all of us.

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