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Jodie Shaw

Jodie Shaw is a chief marketing officer, but not just any chief marketing officer. She is the CMO for TAB, or The Alternative Board, a worldwide company that leverages shared wisdom to help people build successful businesses. They gather local business owners of non-competing companies together to form business advisory boards all over the world who put their collective know-how to together to tear down business roadblocks.

Being in business for yourself can be lonely. Not only that, no one has time to learn from their mistakes in today’s busy, highly-competitive business world. TAB has witnessed firsthand how business owners can benefit greatly from a collective mind trust.

Jodie advises every entrepreneur to belong to a community of trusted business advisors who can smooth the many bumps of doing business today. There is power in numbers, and thanks to TAB, today’s business owners don’t have to feel isolated or without a support system.

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