Outward Manifestations Match Inward Thoughts


We all want to know the secret to happiness. But it is no secret: The secret to truly enjoying life lies in having the right attitude of the heart. It is all on how we choose to see life.

I love to recall that, “The kingdom of God is within us,” which is a reference to all the great blessings that are built into us by the Creator. Thus, our own good seeks to come to us and will continue to flow abundantly toward us if we do not block the flow by negative and harmful thoughts, words and actions.

Thoughts are forces. They have a keen drawing power. Our thoughts are the basic foundation of our character, our happiness, successes or failures. For they produce feelings positive or negative, and feelings control our action or inaction.

Therefore, if we are in a challenging circumstance, let us ask ourselves,

“Am I thinking good or bad thoughts about this situation?”

There is a strong tendency for outward manifestations to match inward thoughts.

Some time ago, I received an extraordinary letter from a reader from Ohio. She wrote to tell me that she appreciates my articles and saves them all. Most significantly, she makes copies and sends them to her sponsored child who lives in Uganda, Africa.

Her sponsored child is a 19 year old young man, and he wrote to her and asked if I could write him a personal letter to encourage him in his vocational school of carpentry and joinery, his love of football and competition and the mock exams he is going to be sitting for this next school term. He also requests our prayers, as his father was killed and his mother died of AIDS. Raised by his grandma and granddad, they have now both passed away. In his letter, he very generously offered a blessing from God for me.

This woman then went on to say that this young man is an overcomer, for even though he has experienced tremendous poverty and tragedy in his young life, his faith in God is steadfast and strong. Although he has suffered, he chooses to dwell on good thoughts of hope, love and gratitude. For no matter what life has thrown at him, he actively pursues the dreams in his heart with optimism and favorable expectations for the future.

One of England’s great literary figures of the 1700s Dr. Samuel Johnson said, “It’s worth at least a thousand pounds a year to have a bright point of view.” So hold tight through tough and seemingly impossible conditions. We will be hurt many times in life, but we can select to turn our wounds into wisdom.

Let’s get our mind and mouth going in the right direction. We can begin to turn situations around with our words. Think winning thoughts, focus on achievement and ponder on successful outcomes. Repeat aloud, “Something wonderful is about to happen,” “I will be victorious,” “The solution is on its way,” and “I will do what I can and trust God with the rest.” Regardless of what challenges we are facing today, God has armed us with the strength we need.

This is exactly what a reader did. She wrote, “Prior to a double mastectomy, this sentence, ‘Stop telling God how big your storm is; instead tell your storm how big your God is!’ was just what I needed. I have since made several copies and had them laminated for friends, especially those that are going through any form of cancer. I found such strength in that sentence. And I kept repeating it over and over during my recuperation, chemo and reconstruction. I’m happy to report I celebrated my fifth anniversary in April.”

Whatever we center our attention on, we magnify. We draw in what we constantly contemplate. And we tend to become what we think, affirm and visualize. Therefore, let’s fill our mind with positive words and thoughts that attract and draw the good, always holding the image of ourselves as we would like to be. And let us focus on God, for the bigger we make God, the smaller our problems become.

We are made for goodness. And there is greatness inbuilt in the human mind when faith is dominantly present in the thoughts. We are created and formed in the image of God, and are creatures of extraordinary worth. And when we think our best, do our best and believe for the best, giving all we can to others, God will give abundantly in return. He will open the bright windows of heaven and pour out such blessings on us. And we will sing His praises, as we joyfully receive them.



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