Changing the Plight of the Sioux Tribe


Twila True

Twila True is an American Indian from the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota who has found success in life and is working hard to pay it forward. When most people successfully leave the reservation, they never look back, but not Twila. Not only did she go back, she is doing everything possible to help those left behind to better their lives.

Not many Americans know that Pine Ridge is the poorest place in the country. People are starving and freezing to death there. Children are hopelessly ending their lives in desperation there, but Twila wants to change all that, and if anyone can do it, she can.

But she needs help. Help starts with awareness, so she is on a mission to educate the world about this sad place where merely existing is a challenge. She started the True Sioux Hope Foundation with a simple goal in mind: to improve the lives of those living in Pine Ridge and other reservations in the U.S., and to offer hope for the future where currently, there is none.

Pine Ridge is 100 miles from the nearest city and has fallen under the radar, but thanks to Twila and her unending efforts, things are starting to turn around. She is working to save lives by creating an infrastructure for sustainability using perseverance and hard work.

Her message: to spread the information about the people of Pine Ridge and all those on reservations who are quietly dying because the world doesn’t know about their plight. Awareness is the key, and she doesn’t plan to give up on them anytime soon. As a country, as a collected humanity, we all must join her in this critical mission.

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