Nurturing the Inner Beauty of Disadvantaged Girls


Traci Campbell

When Traci Sanders Campbell authored her first book, she wrote it straight from her aching heart. Geared toward helping pre-teens and teens in single parent households to survive and thrive against all odds, The CHAMP Within reveals Campbell’s own personal journey as a child in a financially-strapped fatherless family.

Campbell was raised in Baltimore, Maryland, the youngest child of a single mother driven to lift her children out of the poverty cycle. When the teenage Campbell wasn’t at school or studying, she earned money as a print fashion model and hostessing at a prestigious local restaurant. These seemingly glamorous jobs hid a secret insecurity which plagued Campbell. Like many single-parent kids, she lived with the anxiety, anger, and stress of financial and peer pressure.

At the University of Maryland, she chose Computer Science as her major because she knew it would lead to bigger paychecks than her preferred journalism. It was a wise decision. She moved up the tech ladder, excelling as a business analyst and IT consultant – and bringing in enough money to also scratch her journalism itch by writing, podcasting, and radio broadcasting.

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