News and Announcements

October 2011 – Exceptional People Magazine Becomes Media Partner for YWCA NCA

YWCA National Capital Area is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all. They offer programs that challenge women and girls to take charge of their health, economic stability and overall well-being. The YWCA NCA offers education and training in adult literacy and workforce readiness; youth development initiatives that target adolescent girls, through mentoring and academic support and social skills building. Their mission is to empower every woman and to promote social justice and advocacy. It’s about breaking barriers that impede women in realizing their full potential.

July 2011 – Exceptional People Magazine Becomes Media Partner for HELPS International

Exceptional People Magazine has collaborated with HELPS International to become its international media partner. Founded in 1984, HELPS International is a charitable foundation whose focus is to alleviate poverty in Latin America. Through medical care, education, community and economic development, and agricultural innovations, the organization seeks to improve the quality of life for families, helping them to become self-sufficient and providing permanent change in communities. HELPS International

May 2011 – Exceptional People Magazine Becomes Media Partner for Executives in Action

Founded in 2009 by Ashlee and Chris Kleinert, Executives in Action (EIA) builds communities by strengthening non-profit organizations that exist within them. It operates as a pro bono consulting firm that provides “service grants” to improve the productivity, efficiency and impact of charitable organizations. EIA’s purpose is two-fold. It helps non-profit organizations by providing tools, resources and support from senior executive consultants who help them reach a level of self-sufficiency, providing them with support they ordinarily would not be able to obtain. Additionally, EIA is having a positive impact on the economy and is transforming the lives of highly skilled executives who have lost their jobs, giving them a sense of confidence and sense of self-worth while they seek work We at Exceptional People Magazine are proud to be a media partner for Executives in Action. Executives In Action

January 2011 – Exceptional People Magazine Becomes Media Partner for Women’s International Networking

W.I.N. is an international women’s leadership organization inspiring women worldwide. With its leading-edge approach, W.I.N. has become the reference for modern women working internationally, conscious men and world-class organizations active in the field of women’s leadership development and diversity & inclusion. W.I.N.