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First Lady, Michelle Obama

Classy, Charismatic, Confident, Compassionate

Just as her fashion sense speaks to her unique style and ability to be a trendsetter, her knowledge, intelligence and compassion for others equally speaks to her desire to strive for excellence in all that she does.

First Lady, Michelle Obama believes in family. Her commitment to her husband, President Barack Obama, and her daughters Sasha and Malia are testimonials that family is her priority. Even as she climbed the career ladder, Mrs. Obama placed family at the top of her agenda.

As a mother, Mrs. Obama instills in her children the love she received from her parents, encouraging them to learn important life lessons such as compassion for others.

Her vision, integrity, views on life, work ethics and principles are all a culmination of her upbringing. She was raised in a family that valued hard work, independence and honesty. It is that same foundation on which she stands today that helps keep her family grounded. Mrs. Obama learned early on that it’s what you sew into life that determines what you reap from it.

She doesn’t follow paths, she creates them. With a foundation built on hard work, compassion and dreams, Mrs. Obama is reaping success. However, behind every success and achievement are tests of commitment, endurance and faith.

Prior to becoming the First Lady, an issue that was close to her heart was helping women discover effective ways to maintain a healthy balance between work and family. It is an issue that continues to be at the top of her list. Michelle Obama has created a template from which women of every ethnicity can glean something positive. She sets an example that has inspired women and helped families of all races and socio-economic backgrounds realize that it is possible to balance career and family life.

If you don’t trust in your abilities, then who shall believe in you? Obama’s self-confidence and faith in her ability to achieve greatness is what helped her graduate cum laude from Princeton University. Confidence and faith carried her through Harvard University Law School, her career as an attorney, her desire to make a change in communities around the country and now as First Lady of the United States. The same confidence that she exudes she inspires in youth – trust in your ability and follow through with a plan of action. Confidence and faith alone do not result in change, you have to take action. She is the third First Lady with a postgraduate degree, following Hillary Rodham Clinton and Laura Bush.

From reading to young children and working in the White House garden to assisting community organizations such as Miriam’s Kitchen, interacting with federal employees and foreign dignitaries, Mrs. Obama has proven that her style is versatile.

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