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Monica Davis


Download Monica Davis’s Media One-Sheet with Sample Topics, Questions and Biography
Monica Davis Media One-Sheet

Sample Topics

  1. How to Create a Strategic Plan for Overcoming Life’s Challenges
  2. Key Components of Developing a Plan for Success
  3. Top Three Qualities Unforgettable People Possess: How to Develop Them as Part of Your “Relationship Toolbox”
  4. Didn’t Go to College? How to Market Yourself in an Education-Focused World

Sample Questions

  1. Why do you say that a person’s success does not depend on what’s happening in the economy?
  2. You have identified several reasons why people are not able to complete their goals or fulfill their visions. Would you mind sharing some of them with our audience and explain why it is important to create a plan for everything you do?
  3. You have indicated that two of the most important resources we have are time and money. Can you explain why they are important and what are the affects of not using them wisely when planning our lives?
  4. With the increase in educational costs and the current state of the economy, many people can’t afford to attend a university or even a local community college, or pay for their child’s education? What can they do to enhance their marketability without traditional education and still gain an edge over their college-educated competitors?
  5. Would you mind sharing with our audience a little about you, how you began publishing Exceptional People Magazine and the impact that it is having on lives around the world?
  6. You say that many entrepreneurs are leaving thousands of dollars on the table because they are not taking advantage of simple cost effective marketing strategies. What is it that they are missing and how can they grow their companies without spending a fortune on marketing?
  7. What have you found to be the keys to developing a rewarding career or a profitable business?
  8. You say that everyone has been given a slate on which they can create their own masterpiece? Can you tell our audience what they should be doing to design their best life so they can achieve a lifetime of success?
  9. You have identified critical characteristics that a person must have in order for them to successfully assist others in achieving their goals. Would you explain what they are and why they are essential to achieving success?
  10. You say practically every decision we make can have an impact on others and that there are important criteria people should always consider before making major decisions. Can you tell our audience some things they should consider before making life-changing decisions?
  11. What can people do to improve their lives and achieve greater success even during a down economy?
  12. How can our audience find out more about you, Exceptional People Magazine and your books, Welcome to the Top and Start Your Business Right?
  13. What have you found to be the most common reasons that keep people from moving forward with their dream?



Author, entrepreneur, former talk show host and motivational speaker Monica Davis, is personifying her lifelong desire to transform lives by delivering empowerment and self-development. Through her business expertise, publications and interaction with some of today’s top leaders, Davis is equipping others to overcome setbacks and successfully achieve their life’s potential.

Davis is the Founder and Publisher of Exceptional People Magazine, an inspiring digital publication that provides proven strategies and solutions for personal and professional growth, and showcases extraordinary people of various backgrounds, whose great work is prolifically impacting the world. She has interviewed CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs and humanitarians who share their strategies for building a solid life and business plan to bring about greater success. Her magazine is a derivative of her 1999 award-winning Washington, D.C.-based produced talk show, Extraordinary Everyday People.

In addition to her magazine, Davis is the author of On the Receiving End, A Collection of Works for Realizing the Potential within Ourselves (American Literary Press, 1997), Welcome to the Top: Secrets to Success from Leading Entrepreneurs (Atela Productions, 2013) and Start Your Business Right: A Comprehensive Guide to Entrepreneurship Success (Atela Productions, 2013). In her books, Davis includes powerful strategies utilized by top CEOs to help business owners and entrepreneurs rapidly grow their business through solid planning to thrive in any economic environment, while saving time and money. She teaches readers how to clearly define their vision, goals and objectives—to pursue success with passion and without fear.

Before founding Exceptional People Magazine, Davis worked as a business analyst and software engineer for the government and private sector providing information systems management to high-level officials. Davis’ extraordinary skills and vision for success led her to provide support for two Secretaries of State which allowed her extensive international travel. As a business analyst, Davis helped initiate and establish partnerships between federal agencies and major corporate clients, which lead to successful and profitable ventures. As a speaker, trainer and communications consultant, Davis has developed and presented seminars at conferences and various non-profit organizations. She has also served and led on multiple boards.

In all her endeavors, Davis remains true to her overall mission: to transform lives by helping others achieve their dreams, guiding them to discover their greatest values to share with the world.

Latest Book Releases

Welcome to the Top:
Secrets to Success from
Leading Entrepreneurs

Author: Monica Davis
ISBN-13: 978-0578115542
Publisher: Atela Productions
List Price: $24.95

Start Your Business Right:
A Comprehensive Guide to
Entrepreneurship Success

Author: Monica Davis
ISBN-13: 978-0578122427
Publisher: Atela Productions
List Price: $19.95


Latest News and Announcements

Exceptional People Magazine Features Over 80 Charities
Exceptional People Magazine is a magazine that inspires positive change globally. Since 2006 it has featured numerous charities, helped increase awareness and created more exposure for non-profit organizations that focus on a wide range of issues and problems facing humanity. “This is just the tip of the iceberg,” says Monica Davis, the magazine’s publisher. “We intend to highlight and support many more charities as we continue our journey of making a difference around the globe.” Exceptional People Magazine has featured over 80 non-profit organizations in its publication. View a brief list of charities we have featured.

April 2013 – Exceptional People Magazine Becomes Media Partner for Stand Up America
Exceptional People Magazine has collaborated with HELPS International to become its international media partner. Started by L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. 1ST President & CEO Derrick Boles, Stand Up America is a L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P. 1ST movement whose mission is to challenge, educate and inspire community-based organizations and leaders to “Stand Up” to find solutions to social ills using community empowerment. The Stand Up America movement has four (4) target areas in which energies and resources will be focused: 1- Community Leadership, 2- Youth Empowerment, 3- Spiritual Development and 4- Health & Wellness. Stand Up America

View More News and Announcements


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