Maximize Your Income By Working Smart


When you’re at work you may be fixed on working hard; however, you may find it better and easier to approach your work tasks by working smart. You’re likely to earn more if you get smart about how you work.

People who work smart are more likely to be promoted, get raises, and be offered lucrative possibilities.

When you use these suggestions to work smart, you’re sure to stand out at work in a positive way. First, be sure to keep an open mind about learning new ways to do old tasks. Keep up on current software and other innovations. To work smart you should be open to learning a new skill that will save time and effort.

1. Learning something new could take time, but you’re sure to see a good return on your investment.

2. Study your peers at work who have impressed you with their performance. Observe and learn.

Take note of how they do things differently from you. Notice variations in the ways you and they approach a task.

Follow the example set by respected coworkers. This could lead to an acceleration in your next promotion or raise.

3. Don’t hesitate in getting clarification if you’re unclear about anything to do with your job. Keep in touch and in the know in your workplace.

Gather the necessary data immediately, prior to starting the task.

Practice active listening on the job. Working smart means really understanding what is important.

4. Make yourself an employee your company can’t live without. Your supervisor is sure to think of you as being very important to the company if you are able to perform the jobs of your coworkers whenever they are absent.

Think about it! Could they actually afford to lose you if you’re able to fill in for all the other workers?

Plus, being able to perform the task of others indicates that you have a good grasp on your workplace and how it operates.

5. Don’t deceive yourself or others about your capabilities and limits. When you work smart, you don’t have to say YES to everything. Instead, you should use your time wisely and do your work in the best way possible.

6. Come prepared to work each day. Get a good night’s sleep, get ready for the day, and pace yourself so you are aware and efficient at work.

7. Do you keep your work space in “ship shape”? When you work smart, it means that you have plenty of organization, order and work areas within your workspace so that you can easily attain everything you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

8. Take time to consider any venture prior to getting it underway. Pause to contemplate what the task entails. Make a plan and stick with it.

A. Can you define the reason for the project?

B. What goals do you want to accomplish?

C. In the end, what do you hope you will have achieved?

Here’s a hint from the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey that is especially helpful: He says that you should visualize the end of a task before you begin. This exemplifies the concept of “working smart”.

Although there’s no shame in hard work, focus on working smart. Here are a few smart ideas that will help you increase your income:

  • Think through each task before you begin.
  • Be open to trying new ways of working.
  • Become indispensable at your place of work.


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