Mastering the Ancient Arts to Help Others


Eliyahu Jian

Imagine you’re watching a small snail as he struggles to hang on to a slippery marble ledge during a rainstorm. The snail suddenly loses his grip and plunges down, smashing his shell on the cement below.

Is your gut reaction alarm, horror… or joy?

In Eliyahu Jian’s children’s book, The Snail With No Shell, Joshy the Snail falls and cracks his shell during a storm. But Joshy doesn’t worry – he just continues on his way. His friends don’t recognize him without his shell. But when he arrives home, his parents know him instantly. Now freed of his external armor, Joshy can live his genuine destiny.

Eliyahu Jian used to wear a shell when he was young too. He grew up in a poor urban neighborhood in Israel, the son of an atheist father and an Orthodox-mystical Jewish mother. His grandfather was known as the family guru – the man everyone would seek when they needed help solving a problem, a blessing, or even a cure for an illness.

Now based in Los Angeles, Jian is internationally recognized as a spiritual channel and Kabbalah master. He guides men and women worldwide to connect to a higher power and purpose while strengthening relationships, living healthier, and improving their businesses.

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