Making Life a Little More Sweeter


Bev Vines-Haines and
Charlotte Clary

What do you get when you combine two grannies who love to give out candy to their 41 grandkids, a love of herbs and a one-car garage? You get Ice Chips Candy, of course.

These two fearless friends embarked on a gastronomical journey when they decided to create good-for-you candy using xylitol, a natural sugar.

They appeared on the TV show, Shark Tank, which they describe as “terrifying fun,” snagging a gentleman’s contract that they didn’t even need to use, thanks to the huge popularity of their product.

But it didn’t happen overnight. They put their heads together, dove in with both feet and added a lot of hard work to make Ice Chips Candy a remarkable success. An inspiration to young and old alike, they want to tell anyone with a dream to be confident and courageous – to believe in themselves despite the naysayers.

They are glad they didn’t listen when people told them it wouldn’t work. They found an idea they believed in, and they forged ahead with it. Thanks to their tenacity, people of all ages can enjoy their candy without the excess sugar and worries of dental decay.

Now housed in a 21,500 square-foot facility, Ice Chips Candy is has made the leap from a garage to a successful, sustainable and thriving business. Their message is to do what you know is right, just stay with it and have fun proving those naysayers wrong.

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