Making a Smart Career Change


The choice of what career to pursue deserves careful merit, especially if you want to do what you love. If you make sufficient plans, you may discover that a career change provides you with new energy and motivation, instead of stress.

Think about trying some of the following techniques that can help you to achieve a successful career change:

  1. Understand your motivation. Delve deeper into the reasons for your desire to change careers. Is your current job not providing you with the satisfaction, compensation, fulfillment, and success you want from your career? If this is the case, try to determine the underlying reason for your discontent, whether it is due to the fact that you do not like your supervisor or that you just do not care for the particular career industry.
    • You shouldn’t consider changing fields if you are simply unhappy with your current position and/or your current firm. Moving into an entirely different profession is far more difficult than locating a position with another company in your present one.
    • You may be able to resolve issues regarding salary or duties without resorting to changing firms. Let your manager know what your negative issues are with respect to the job you’re doing now. Your importance to the firm may get you more of what you need or want from it.
  2. Go back to school. Obviously you’ll need further education to make a career change to a field which requires completely different knowledge and skills (as from marketing to medicine). You may learn that a number of popular career changes will not require many classes.
    • Talk to the Director of Admissions at your local university to find out if the career you have in mind requires additional educational skills. If so, talk about scheduling, whether it is something that can be done online, tuition assistance, and so forth.
    • Perform an online search to find job postings that match the career you wish to follow. Most ads include the educational, skills, and work requirements that a candidate for the position must fulfill.
    • In certain situations, you may discover that the only additional thing you need for a career change is to obtain a certificate from a local college or trade school. For instance, most states do not require four-year college degrees if you are interested in becoming a beautician, a professional HVAC installer or a carpenter. That may not be too much to commit to if this is really what you want to do.
    • Think about whether the only thing you need is to take some college classes in order to have a more rewarding career. You may be able to get more money or more satisfying duties simply by taking some skills enrichment courses.
  3. Don’t jump straight into the deep end. If at all possible, stay financially stable in your present job till you’ve landed a new one. Make appointments for job interviews, and do not leave notice at your present job until you receive a job offer another employer.
    • It’s always better to be looking for a new job when you still have one; this gives you more leverage when it comes to discussing financial compensation.
    • After you have found a job, it may be about time to provide your present employer with a two or three week notice. If you give ample notice before quitting your job, you have a better chance of receiving a favorable job recommendation from your boss, and leaving notice will also ensure that your supervisor knows to expect possible inquiries about your work record.

You may feel somewhat daunted at the thought of changing careers in the present financial climate. There are jobs a-plenty out there; they’re just waiting for exceptionally qualified applicants. If you do not like your job, it makes no sense to work for the same company for years if you are unhappy.

If you keep your family’s financial well-being in mind, your next priority might as well be a career that will enhance your personal well-being.


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