Low Cost Investments for Beginners


Start off with a small amount of money if you want to learn the ropes of smart investing strategies. It is important to invest a tiny amount of money on a regular basis, even if you still do not understand all of the involved investment strategies. This practice permits you to learn by your mistakes and gives you the chance to earn profits without incurring huge amounts of losses.

Begin by starting out with these investments that only require a lower bar of entry and are some of the easiest investment to grasp and comprehend:

  1. Stocks.
    If you are a beginner, invest in safe, traditional companies that have solid stocks with good financial data. Naturally, your stock is most likely not going to achieve phenomenal results in one day, but it is also not likely to lose a large amount in one day.

    • Safe stocks are customarily stocks representing traditional companies that manufacture products used by millions of people daily because these individuals are going to buy the items even during a poor economy. Companies that manufacture affordable products, such as pasta, canned soups and detergent belong to this investment category.
    • If you choose to buy a so-called hot stock, you can earn a lot of money very fast. Yet, the reverse is also true – the stock can quickly go down in value. However, if you are able to purchase low and sell high and can do so fast, there is money there to be made.
    • Pick an online broker–www.etrade.com or www.optionshouse.com are examples–as your enrollment fee is usually under $10, so that you can use the members area. Here you will find the tools, recommendations, and buying power you need to get started buying or trading successfully.
  2. Certificate of Deposit.
    A CD only gets a minimal return, but it isn’t risky, either. Something else to be aware of is that because CD terms are usually six months, twelve months, or one, three, or five years, your money and any return on it will be tied up for that amount of time.

    • Basically, opening your CD is like giving a loan to your bank. In exchange for your loan, you receive interest payments that are typically not very high.
    • Experienced CD investors often keep three CDs going at any given time; a one-year CD, a two-year, and a three-year CD. An investor can cash in the first CD as soon as it reaches maturity, but keep the other CDS that are still earning good interest rates.
    • The startup cost for a CD ranges greatly and is dependent on the funds you have available and what you are willing to invest. Some CDs have a minimum requirement of as little as $500 while others can have a minimum of $10,000, or even more.
  3. Think about Investing in Mutual Funds.
    While other investments are funded just by you, and you alone receive the earnings, thousands of investors participate in funding a mutual fund; this “mutual funding” of the investment is how the term came about.

    • People just learning about investing like mutual funds since they are managed by investment professionals who make the decisions, usually resulting in more profit for the investor group than they would be able to for themselves individually.
    • Inexperienced investors appreciate mutual funds because the fund is managed by an experienced investment agent who makes the difficult decisions. This expertise usually results in better returns for the investors as a group than they might receive if they were investing on their own.

You can tell that you can do very well with investments. While you may not be able to purchase a home using your proceeds, everyone has to begin somewhere. If you make use of the investment strategies described within this article, you will have the ability to start on the right foot.


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