List Segmentation is the Secret to
Increased Sales


It is undoubtedly true that you get more sales by using list segmentation. Segmentation raises your sales due to the fact that your clients will feel as if they’re heard, and you have the benefit of a simpler marketing task with targeted, smaller lists. List segmentation is the process of assigning your subscribers into specific categories, called segments, according to their actions. If you assign your subscribers to specific lists, your sales will go up dramatically because you will be aiming your marketing copy at a smaller and more accurately targeted audience.

A lot of email marketing and autoresponder software products, such as Aweber, allow you to make your list segmentation automatic, letting you set up the software to assign new subscribers to specific lists according to factors such as where they signed up and specific purchasing behaviors. You can then reassign when they meet another criteria, such as purchasing a type of item or clicking on an item for further information.

It works in this manner: P=Prospect, C=Client

Prospects — A new subscriber answers your offer of more information by submitting the form on your website. Now your new subscriber is on the P list. The P list is made up of prospects (P), subscribers who haven’t purchased from you yet. Because your P list subscribers haven’t bought from you yet, you will use a very different sales approach when writing to them than you will use for your existing customers.

Client — Your prospect makes a purchase on your website, through your P list newsletter, or a periodic email sent by you. Once this transaction takes place, the autoresponder software will take the P list person and move him or her to the client (C) list, with no effort from you. After the prospect becomes a client, you of course plan a totally different marketing strategy. Communications to clients will concentrate on drawing them into the next stage of your product tier, depending upon what has been purchased.

The key factor when you want effective segmentation is ensuring you practice marketing that targets groups according to what they are about, rather than trying to be all-inclusive. Potential customers differ from clients, and they need to understand that you recognize them and that your marketing is aimed at them.

Those who subscribe can be segmented in lots of ways, and they should be. This isn’t difficult since it can be done automatically through your autoresponder software. All you need to do is configure the software to meet your needs when you develop your first list or product. Don’t procrastinate on this task! Segmenting your list will increase your sales further along the line, allowing you to make more money while doing less work.


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