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Roland Burdett III

Not long after Betsie Miklos founded Miklos Systems, Inc. (MSI) in 1993, she hired a young man named Roland Burdett as her first employee — and her first vice president. Burdett was tasked with managing and growing this small software development and systems engineering firm during the industry’s infancy.

In Burdett, Miklos had landed an experienced software engineer born and bred in the company’s Fairfax, Virginia community. Burdett was educated at nearby Mt. Vernon High School and held a BS in Computer Science from George Mason University. But he was more than just a local computer whiz kid. He had a vision which meshed with Miklos’ own: To flourish through a focus on exceptional customer service and an employee-centric company culture.

Together, Miklos and Burdett grew the company, intentionally avoiding niche technologies in favor of hiring and retaining employees who are the best in their fields. Their 5 Guiding Principles? Technical Excellence, Customer Service, Personal Integrity, Collaborative Culture…. and Have Fun.

Yes, “Have Fun” is literally a front and center goal at MSI.

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