A Lateral Career Move: A Good Choice in Today’s Market

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In the present business climate, and with people deciding to put off retirement, climbing the corporate ladder is more complicated than before. People on the ladder rungs above you just aren’t going anywhere.

The editors of Fortune say companies are now pushing lateral moves as career enhancements. Moving sideways may not be what you want, but it can give you a wider range of experience.

With the realities of trying to do more with less, being agile can be as important as the having the ability to move up. So says Joanne Cleaver, author of a forthcoming book called Over is the New Up.

If you are considering a sideways move, consider this advice:

  • Seek more responsibility, even if the job has the same title and same pay. You want to influence and direct others.
  • Use company resources, such as software programs, to help you make a decision. A sideway move can give you the opportunity to learn more about company operations, which can help you achieve your real goals later on.
  • Remember that lateral moves are good choices in organizations that appreciate a skill in many areas.
  • In her book, The Corporate Lattice, Cathy Benko says a good way to analyze a lateral move is by calculating how many future choices it gives you.

After three years in this economy, you might be up for new challenges and different responsibilities.


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